Demon’s Souls PS5 Phalanx Boss Guide – How to Beat Phalanx

The first boss of the game can pose a threat if you’re unprepared

The Phalanx boss in Demon’s Souls is an odd creature. If you try to rush up on it to attack, you won’t have much luck, as it’s guarded by its minions known as Hoplites. Despite seeming indestructible, there is an excellent method to take it down with minimal effort. In this guide, we’ll break down a couple strategies that are effective against the Phalanx boss in Demon’s Souls.

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You’re Fired

The Phalanx and the Hoplites are extremely weak to fire. Earlier in Boletarian Palace, you should have come across a set of Firebombs, which can be thrown using the Square button. We advise to have a stockpile of around 10 or so Firebombs ready before starting the fight. If you used all of yours, you can buy some from the Merchant in the first area.

Your goal should be to throw the Firebombs at the Hoplites guarding the Phalanx. Keep throwing them until the boss’ squishy body is exposed. From our experience, it takes around eight Firebombs to do so, provided your aim is decent.

The Hoplites will attempt to attack you with their spears, so use the columns as cover while you keep throwing those bombs. Also, take the time to heal while you’re behind cover, and make sure you stand as far back as you’re comfortable with. It’s easy to get overrun by the Hoplites, so don’t even give them the chance. Even after you’ve cleared out most of the Hoplites, you should continue throwing the bombs at the Phalanx since they deal high amounts of damage.

Magic Works Wonders

You might have picked some sort of Spellcaster as your starting class, whether it be Royalty, Priest, Magician, or Temple Knight. If you picked one of those, you’ll have magic of some kind and it works well against the Phalanx. The strategy is basically the same: Take out the Hoplites from afar to clear them off from the Phalanx. You can continue dishing out magic attacks, even after you’ve cleared the way.

Melee Is a Last Resort

If you’re out of bombs and don’t have the Souls to buy them, you can defeat the boss using melee weapons. Just keep in mind, this method will take you quite a bit of time, since you effectively have to clear out all the Hoplites to get to it. Remember, the Hoplites are only susceptible to damage from behind, so you’ll need to angle yourself correctly to get a few strikes in.

Always have your shield up in between strikes, especially at the start, as the Hoplites will gang up on you. Once it’s clear, make sure you two-hand your weapon while striking the Phalanx to deal as much damage as possible. The boss won’t do much after you’ve cleared out all the Hoplites.

The Phalanx is a great example of just how powerful certain elemental effects can be — while still being challenging enough for a fun fight.


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