Deep Rock Galactic Tips – 7 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

Deep Rock Galactic is a game with an easy goal to grasp — mine minerals and don’t die. That said, accomplishing that goal can be a little tricky, since the game doesn’t signpost certain abilities and mechanics as well as it could. That’s understandable, since as of this writing it’s still in early access. But if you’re diving into the game and need some pointers, here are a few Deep Rock Galactic tips that’ll help you rake in the Morkite.

1. You Can Only Equip One Gear Perk Per Tier

At the Equipment Upgrade terminal you can purchase various upgrades for your weapons and tools. These are gated by class level, with a new tier unlocking ever few levels. What’s not immediately clear is that you can only equip one perk from each tier at any given time, even if you’ve unlocked multiple. Make sure that you’ve selected the ones you like!

Deep Rock Galactic

2. Tread Carefully and Avoid Fall Damage

There’s fall damage in Deep Rock Galactic, and all it takes is one misstep to knock your dwarf out. Watch your step, use flares liberally, and avoid steep drop-offs at all costs. Additionally, keep an eye out for Grabber enemies, which will — as their name suggests — attempt to grab you and drop you to your death. Listen for the distinctive noise they make as they approach, or invest in the Heightened Senses perk to avoid this fate.

3. Your Drone Can Help You Mine

When you’re playing Deep Rock Galactic solo, you can point your drone at veins of ore and order it to help you mine. This is especially useful for getting at minerals that are out of reach, since your drone can fly. Just keep in mind that unlike you, your drone doesn’t actually collect any materials. Instead, it simply knocks them looks — so it’s up to you to stand below and catch them.

4. Drill to Safety

Once you call the drop pod, it’s a race against the clock to get back before it strands you in the caves. If you haven’t planned your descent well, it can be a hassle to climb your way up the tunnels. But you can bypass the entire issue by playing as the Digger, who can use his twin powered drills to make a beeline to the drop pod. Just make sure to communicate with your teammates first, and to top off your fuel by calling a supply drop before you start the escape sequence.

Deep Rock Galactic

5. How to Find Alien Eggs

Egg Hunt missions in Deep Rock Galactic task you with finding alien eggs rather than mining minerals. But where do you find them? Look for walls encrusted with organic matter, as shown above, and use your pickaxe to mine them out. Just be careful, because extracting an egg from the nest will bring a swarm down on your location.

6. Nitra: Use It or Lose It

Since you’re exploring alien caves, you won’t find ammo or supplies lying around the levels in Deep Rock Galactic. Instead, you need to call down Resupply Pods when you’re running low. You do that by mining Nitra, a red, crystalline substance found in every cave. It costs 80 Nitra to call down a pod, which might seem steep — but it’s literally all the mineral is used for, and it doesn’t carry over from mission to mission, so don’t be afraid to spend liberally.

7. Friendly Fire is an Oxymoron

Yep, you can hurt your teammates in Deep Rock Galactic. Most of the time this won’t be too much of an issue, as the occasional glancing bullet won’t do damage. But when you’re defending a point from a swarm of bugs, things can get tricky. If you’re playing as the Digger, consider purchasing the Friendly perk because your flamethrower can really wreak havoc on your friends if you sweep it in the wrong direction.

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