Deathloop Ordnance Depot Guide – Where to Find All Three Batteries

The groovy new action/adventure game Deathloop has finally been released. Developed by famed developers, Arkane Studios, Deathloop is all about attempting to kill eight targets in a single day. This is easier said than done since death will send you back to the start of the day. Taking inspiration from the rogue-lite genre, Deathloop is all about dying and using the information gathered to improve your performance. While your main task is to kill the eight Visionaries, Colt will also discover a number of sidequests he can complete for additional rewards. One of these is opening up the Ordnance Depot in The Complex. However, to do that, you will need to locate three batteries, otherwise, the doors to this bunker will not open.

Ordnance Depot Battery Locations

Battery One

The first battery is extremely easy to find and won’t require really anything from you. As you exit the bunker where you need to restore power, approach the light by the blue generator directly across from the door. You can yank the battery from this and put it into one of the empty battery slots by the Ordnance Depot door.

Deathloop Ordnance Battery

Battery Two and Three

Your next two batteries will require a bit of a hike and the Swift slab. If you don’t have this slab, you can obtain it by killing Charlie in Updaam at noon and infusing it. Once you have this power, head out of the Ordnance Depot, hang a left, and run through the giant set of metal doors. When you enter the large underground structure where all the Eternalists were hanging around, turn immediately to your right. You should see a parked truck and a rusted yellow door just above that. Make your way through this door and down the tunnel (shown above).

Deathloop Ordnance Battery

When you emerge from the tunnel with the door marked Z-29, take a right towards the two-story yellow, blue, and gray structure. I recommend killing some of the Eternalists hanging around since you’re going to break some glass. Once you’re clear, go to the second floor and look towards the building with the blue laser grid blocking the windows. While you cannot physically climbing through the windows without hitting the lasers, Colt can use Shift to blink through them. Use Shift to warp through the window and look to the floor filled with yellow briefcases.

Pick up a briefcase and deploy one of the Field Nullifiers inside the lab. You can rip the fully charged battery from this and then Shift back through the window outside. Now bring that battery back to the Ordnance Depot door and repeat the process one more time to unlock this bunker. If you don’t have Shift, you can open this door, but you will need to scour The Complex for deployed turrets you can rip batteries out of.

Inside you will find some Residuum and the very power Strelak Verso dual pistols. If you’ve been following Deathloop’s marketing, these are the modular pistols that can be combined to create a one-handed machine gun. It’s an exceptionally potent weapon and definitely worth infusing so you can use them in subsequent playthroughs.


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