Cyberpunk 2077 The Information – Thermal Clues & Security Systems

After tons of delays, Cyberpunk 2077’s dystopian world has finally arrived. In this RPG, players assume the role of V as they make their way through the neon-drenched streets of Night City. Boasting a massive open-world, unique character customization options, and a whole range of ways to approach scenarios, almost every playthrough will be different. Along with gunfights and meaningful story choices, you’ll also need to do some detective work via the new Braindance mechanic. If you’ve played Batman: Arkham Origins or Arkham Knight this feature will seem a little familiar.

Essentially, you are following a specific person’s moment in time via an implant they have. While you can witness the entire situation through that character’s eyes, the Braindance allows you to disconnect, alter the footage, scan objects in the environment, and switch through different visual modes to uncover clues. Your first introduction to this will be The Information mission given out by Judy and Evelyn. In this Braindance, V will watch Evelyn as she visits a penthouse you’ll need to infiltrate. During this mission, you’ll need to listen to conversations, deduce where the chip is via thermal clues, and uncover what the security systems are.

Of course, this is easier said than done, as the Braindance segments can be a little jarring and difficult to follow. Here’s everything you’ll need to do to complete the main and optional objectives:

The Information Security Sytems

Cyberpunk 2077 Security Systems

Timestamp – 00:15 – Visual Layer

Your first three security systems that you’ll need to analyze are an alarm, security camera and Adam-Smasher (Yes, that’s his name). The alarm is mounted on the wall to the right when Evelyn exits the elevator, while the camera is just slightly above. Additionally, you’ll want to analyze the big walking tank, Adam-Smasher, when he is leaving the penthouse.

Timestamp – 00:25 – Visual Layer

The next security system you’ll need to scan is a camera mounted right above the television. Go to 25 seconds in the timeline and scan it. Remember, you have to be in visual mode for it to appear and you’ll only be able to see it for this brief window so make sure to scan it!

Timestamp – 02:06 – Visual Layer

Fast forward through the scene until you reach two minutes and six seconds. This will be right as Evelyn and Yorinobu begin to leave the living room and head to the bedroom. Right above the duo, to the right of the television on the ceiling, will be another camera and a ceiling-mounted turret.

Timestamp – 02:47 – Visual Layer

Your last bit of security systems won’t appear until Yorinobu is on the bed waiting for Evelyn. When he opens up the drawer next to his bed you can scan the datapad in his hand, along with the gun on the footrest at the end of the bed.

The Information – Thermal Clues

Timestamp – 00:45 -Thermal Layer

Unlike the security systems, you will only need to scan the actual location of Relic. There are a few spots such as the fridge, air vent, and chiller that can be scanned, but none of them matter. Instead, rewind the timeline until you hit 45 seconds when Evelyn is walking towards the bar on the left. You will see the safe in the back corner behind the large monitor on the left. This is the only time that this safe appears, so pause and scan it before the scene ends. Additionally, you can listen to Yorinobu’s call at around the 30-second mark.

Once you have everything, exit the Brainscanner to complete the mission.

For those of you who haven’t kept up with everything, there’s been quite a trail left by the release of Cyberpunk 2077. Earlier this week it came out that certain sequences in the game were using braindance segments which are well known to cause epileptic seizures. We’ve also covered how the developer was overworking its employees rather than delaying the game, inevitably, both ended up happening anyway. We also have a fantastic look at the appropriation of Asian culture in the title. And hell, if you just want more cyberpunk style games in your life, we have that too.


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