Cyberpunk 2077 Attribute Points Guide – How to Level Up Your Attributes

After tons of delays, Cyberpunk 2077’s dystopian world has finally arrived. In this RPG, players assume the role of V as they make their way through the neon-drenched streets of Night City. Boasting a massive open-world, unique character customization options, and a whole range of ways to approach scenarios, almost every playthrough will be different. Similar to other RPGs, Cyberpunk 2077 has different abilities that players can unlock. These perks are tied to Attributes, which are the core components and gameplay mechanics that players can invest in.

Here’s what each Attribute does, along with how to level them up via Attribute Points:

How to Level Up Attributes

Similar to games like Skyrim, Cyberpunk 2077 will reward players for participating in their own personal playstyle. What this means is, if you are making a stealth build, your Cool attribute will naturally level up the Stealth sub-attribute as you sneak around the environment and silently bring down foes. Doing so will gain your experience towards that specific sub-attribute, eventually leveling it up. Additionally, whenever V levels up, you will gain an Attribute Point to spend. These are different than Perk Points since they directly upgrade the quality of a specific Attribute, not a talent associated with it. You will also gain the additional buffs/passives associated with that Attribute. Certain perks are locked behind reach a specific Attribute level, so make sure to look through all the perks available to plan ahead!

What Does Each Attribute Do?


Body is for those who want to become a futuristic tank. This stat increases your health, stamina, and the amount of damage you will do with melee weapons. So if you want to use a one-handed, two-handed, or your bare fists as your primary method of killing enemies, Body is what you’ll want to spec in. Players with a high Body stat can also rip guns right out of turrets or force sealed doors open. This stat also helps if you want to use heavier weapons and grab enemies to use them as shields during combat. If you’re about hitting hard and getting in close, Body is the stat for you.


Intelligence is all about hacking the world around you. Players with high Intelligence will be able to hack enemies or objects in the environment. For example, you can increase the weight of a bench press to crush a foe underneath or open a secured entrance. While this skill can and will be used in combat, those embracing this stat will need to look for creative ways to deal with the various gangs of Night City. This stat is great when paired with Cool for stealth and Technical for access to drones.


Essentially Dexterity, Reflex increases users attack speed, their proficiency with specific firearms like rifles and handguns, and your critical hit damage. The latter is definitely important to most damage builds since being able to consistently trigger high-damage critical hits can mean the difference between life and death. Reflex is what I suspect most gun-focused players will end up using. Your movement speed will also be increased along with damage when using the Mantis Blades. If you were a Genji main in Overwatch, you’re basically going to be dumping a lot of points into Reflex.


Technical is all about crafting, drones, and using Tech weapons. Increasing your Technical stat will improve your base armor and open up new routes for players to take in Cyberpunk’s world. Your overall damage against drones, robots, and other mechanical devices will also improve, allowing you to blast through bots with ease. You’ll typically want to combine this with Intelligence if you plan on creating a hacking or cybernetics character.


A mix of charisma and stealth, Cool governs your ability to resistance specific types of damage and sneak up on unaware enemies. Players with a high Cool stat will gain access to dialogue options they may not normally have, allowing you to talk your way out of sticky situations. Cool also impacts your assassination damage and how long enemies will take to detect you. Stealth in Cyberpunk is definitely an option, so if you want to be a smooth-talking assassin this is one of the attributes you’ll want to improve. This stat also boasts a poison subtheme for those looking for additional ways to deal death.


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