Crusader Kings 3 Commands Guide – How to Cheat Using Console Commands

Life can be rough in Crusader Kings 3 and sometimes you just want to succeed without having to worry about being taken down by opposing dynasties. If you’re willing to cheat your way to the top you can absolutely do so. Just like in CK2, there are plenty of commands you can use to give you claims, prestige, traits, experience, or just about anything else in the game. In this guide we’ll explain how to open the console commands and what cheats exist.

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How to Open Console Commands in Crusader Kings 3

If you want to enter cheat codes, you must not be playing an Ironman Mode match. The debug menu is disabled during those games. If you’re in a normal game, there are a few ways to open the command console:

  • The “`” key
  • “SHIFT + ALT + C”

These hotkeys only work if you’re on Steam, however. If you’re playing the game via the Xbox app and Xbox Game Pass, the process is a lot more complicated. Rather than just opening the menu in game, you’ll need to run the following code via the Run application.

start shell:AppsFolder\ParadoxInteractive.ProjectTitus_zfnrdv2de78ny!App -debug_mode

Crusader Kings 3 Commands List – Character Commands

There are a ton of potential commands. This section highlights all of the commands which affect a specific character whether that’s your own player character or any other character in the game.

Important Notes:

  • Character IDs are shown when you hover over a specific character.
  • For most commands, entering a negative value will lower the values. There aren’t separate commands to lower the values.

It make take a few tries to get them to execute correctly, but don’t give up!

Command What It Does Example
age Adds age to a character. age 20 [character ID]
add_claim Adds a pressed claim to a character. add_claim [title id]
add_dread Adds dread to a character. add_dread 50
add_perk Adds a perk to a character. add_perk confidants_perk
add_piety Adds piety to a character. add_piety 50
add_prestige Adds prestige to a character. add_prestige 50
add_relation Adds a relation to two characters. add_relation brother 1234 5678
add_secret Adds a secret to the player character. (Press Tab to view all secrets) add_secret secret_murdered
add_stress Adds stress to a character. add_stress 50
add_trait Adds a trait to a character. add_trait wrathful
add_lifestyle_xp_all Adds experience to all lifestyles. add_lifestyle_xp_all 50
add_diplomacy_lifestyle_xp Adds experience to the diplomacy lifestyle. add_diplomacy_lifestyle_xp 50
add_martial_lifestyle_xp Adds experience to the martial lifestyle. add_martial_lifestyle_xp 50
add_strewardship_lifestyle_xp Adds experience to the stewardship lifestyle. add_strewardship_lifestyle_xp 50
add_intrigue_lifestyle_xp Adds experience to the intrigue lifestyle. add_intrigue_lifestyle_xp 50
add_learning_lifestyle_xp Adds experience to the learning lifestyle. add_learning_lifestyle_xp 50
change_diplomacy Adds a diplomacy level(s) to a character. change_diplomacy 1
change_fervor Adds a ferver level(s) to a character. change_fervor 1
change_martial Adds a martial level(s) to a character. change_martial 1
change_stewardship Adds a stewardship level(s) to a character. change_stewardship 1
change_intrigue Adds a intrigue level(s) to a character. change_intrigue 1
change_learning Adds a learning level(s) to a character. change_learning 1
change_prowess Adds a prowess level(s) to a character. change_prowess 1
clear_character_modifiers Removes all character modifiers from a character. clear_character_modifiers 1234
clear_traits Removes all traits from a character. clear_traits 1234
gain_all_perks Gives all lifestyle perks to a character. gain_all_perks 1234
give_title Gives a title to a character. give_title [title id] 1234
gold Adds gold to the player character. add_gold 50
kill Kills character. kill 1234
pregnancy Impregnates a female character by a male character. pregnancy 1234
remove_nick Removes the current nickname from a character. remove_nick
remove_relation Removes a relation between two characters. add_relation brother 1234 5678
remove_trait Removes a trait from a character. remove_trait wrathful
set_culture Sets a character’s culture to a specific culture. set_culture swedish
set_dread Sets the amount of dread for a character. set_dread 10
set_faith Sets a character’s faith to a specific faith. set_faith 10
set_nick Gives a nickname to a character. set_nick nick_the_Flayer
set_sexuality Changes the sexual orientation of a character. set_sexuality asexual
set_stress Sets the amount of stress for a character. set_stress 10
set_diplomacy Sets the diplomacy skill level for a character. set_diplomacy 10
set_martial Sets the martial skill level for a character. set_martial 10
set_stewardship Sets the stewardship skill level for a character. set_stewardship 10
set_intrigue Sets the intrigue skill level for a character. set_intrigue 10
set_learning Sets the learning skill level for a character. set_learning 10
set_prowess Sets the prowess skill level for a character. set_prowess 10
know_schemes Discover all schemes targeting the player character. know_schemes
end_schemes Ends all schemes targeting the player character. end_schemes

Crusader Kings 3 Commands List – World Commands

This section highlights all of the commands which affect the realm.


  • Character IDs are shown when you hover over a specific character.
  • For most commands, entering a negative value will lower the values. There aren’t separate commands to lower the values.
Command What It Does Example
add_title_law Adds a succession law to a title.
add_title_law [title id] primogeniture_succession_law
change_culture Changes the culture of a county. change_culture 1234 swedish
change_development_level Changes the development of a county by X. change_development_level 50 1234
clear_title_laws Removes all succession laws from a title. clear_title_laws [title id]
discover_all_eras Discovers all innovations for the culture of a character. discover_all_eras 1234
discover_era Discovers an era and all innovations for the player character’s culture. (Press Tab to see all era IDs) discover_era culture_era_high_medieval
discover_fascination Discovers the current fascination of a character’s culture. discover_fascination 1234
discover_innovation Discovers an innovation for a character’s culture. discover_innovation innovation_currency
dynasty_prestige Adds or removes renown from a dynasty. dynasty_prestige -100
event Triggers an event that you’ve scripted. advanced users only, look it up
gain_all_dynasty_perks Gives every dynasty legacy to a dynasty of a character. gain_all_dynasty_perks 1234
join_era Moves a culture to a specific era. (Press Tab to see all era IDs) join_era culture_era_high_medieval 1234
merge_culture Changes the culture of all counties of one culture to another. merge_culture swedish greek

Crusader Kings 3 Commands List – Cheats

These commands allow you to cheat and alter things can normally never change.

Command What It Does Example
yesmen AI characters will accept all proposals. Enter again to disable. yesmen
generate_cadet_coa Generates a new coat of arms for the player character’s dynasty. generate_cadet_coa
instamove Armies can move one full barony per day. instamove
map_editor Opens the map editor. map_editor
nomen AI characters will refuse all proposals. Enter again to disable. nomen
observe Enters observer mode. observe
play Switches your playable character to another character. play 1234
portrait_editor Opens the portrait editor. portrait_editor
set_is_ai Gives AI control over a character. set_is_ai 1234
set_is_player Gives player control over a character. (Disables AI control) set_is_player 1234
instabuild Constructions in the player character’s domain are finished in a single day. Enter again to disable. instabuild
instabirth Pregnancies only take one day. Enter again to disable. instant_birth

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