Cozy Grove Wishing Well Guide

Here’s how to use the new wishing well in Cozy Grove’s winter update.

Cozy Grove’s big winter update just dropped, adding a host of new improvements (including some major crafting system/menu overhauls), new activities, and the wishing well, a godsend for longtime players (or simply, players with deep pockets!).

The wishing well is an expensive new feature, but a very welcome one: essentially, you can now spend a hefty chunk of old coins per day to grab a new crafting recipe. It costs a pretty penny to use: 1,000,000 old coins is the asking price, and you can only use it once per day. But once you’re in the system, you can request a new crafting recipe (for a fee).

A random rare recipe will set you back 50,000 coins. An ultra rare goes for 75,000. An epic recipe goes for 100,000 (you’re sensing a pattern here?). A legendary request is 125,000, and a mythical recipe will pop out for 150,000 old coins.

Admittedly, this is a feature that probably excites longtime players of the game (like myself!) who have a lot of old coins burning a hole in their spirit scout pockets. New players who are still working through story content (or perhaps don’t play every day) may balk at the heavy price tag. But fear not, even if you are newer (or less of daily Grove-r), there are plenty of ways to get rich in the game.

cozy grove wishing well mythical recipe

Our money guide can get you started. I’m particularly fond of farming fishbones for the Caged Imp Cart recipe, which is one of the lowest cost/highest yield crafting recipes in the game, and forking those over to Mr. Kit. I also have a lot of fruit trees in rotation on my island, so it’s easy for me to grab fruit (using the accordion, which makes harvesting things a snap!), burn the produce, cook that into jam, and turn the jams into Fruit Tincture. Each Fruit Tincture goes for about 24,000 coins, so it’s a nice way to start turning crops into cash. Another go-to I swear by is selling extra relic ash (you need some for repairing tools, so don’t get rid of your whole stock! But if you have extra, it fetches a nice sum).

The cute winter festivities don’t start until December 23rd, but with the wishing well, improved menu system, and a few other small touches, the Winter Update is already shaping up nicely.

How about the 23rd? A recent press release teased some the features that we’re expecting to drop on Thursday:

“The cold shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the great outdoors! As a part of this update, the Cozy Grove Winter Festival starts on December 23rd and runs for six weeks. During the festival, you can build and chat with snowfolk on your island, get into snowball fights with those pesky imps, and craft gifts to give to your bear buddies. With a bunch of new wintery decorations and outfits, a new minigame, and festive new background music, the Winter Festival is sure to keep you cozy no matter what the weather is outside!”

We’ll see you shortly!

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