Cozy Grove Critter Guide: How to Find and Catch Critters

With the summer update, Cozy Grove has added another Animal Crossing adjacent feature: catching critters!

I’ve been playing Cozy Grove every day for months now. I have quite an impressive collection at this point, and several bears have “ascended,” having completed their stories. Just a few days ago, Spry Fox added a hefty chunk of new content in the game’s summer update, including a new visiting bear (Darla O’Hare, a dramatic lady who offers quests and also an impressive variety of wigs for your character to wear, when she drops in on Saturdays), new rock-skipping quests, a quicker timer for most recipes, and a huge new system: catching critters.

It’s a bit like Animal Crossing: there’s a net for sale at Mr. Kit’s store, and once you nab it, you can start catching the critters! The creatures come in three varieties: ground, scuttle, and flying. As of the update, there are 180 little buggies to find to complete Captain Billweather Snout’s collection, and every time you bring him a new critter, that’s good for a tasty reward.

It all works very closely to the other collection categories, like fish and shells, with the same rarity labels. As usual, the higher rarities are worth more in rewards when you bring the first one to the good captain (usually, money and quartz or semi-precious or even precious gemstones), and subsequently worth more when you sell them to Mr. Kit. Unlike fish, you don’t burn the critters, so once you’ve found a particular bug, just treat them like shells and sell those puppies. 

To catch critters, you grab your net and aim. Unlike in Animal Crossing, once you begin to aim, you can’t move your character around, but you can rotate the net. So, you have to get the spacing about right before hitting the trigger. Different creatures have different movement patterns: some are pretty slow, others are sporadic, and some (including plenty of flying critters) can jump half a screen away if they sense you. You have to be a little sneaky and read their patterns, but, much like fishing, it all becomes second nature once you’ve done it a few times. 

You can make serious bucks (well, old coins!) catching critters, so keep your net handy as you traverse the island. The always-handy Cozy Grove wiki page has a list of prices for the critters, should you want to stake out some bug-hunting profits. 

The Spry Fox official site also has all the details for the full summer update (including notes on the new naming features for your animals, NPCs, and bear-hugging!) right here.

Good hunting!


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