Cozy Grove Broken Heart Imp Guide: How to Help The Imps

Seen those imps with broken hearts crying around your Cozy Grove Island? Here’s how to help them with the power of bonbons.

If you’ve been playing Cozy Grove for at least a few days, you’ve probably seen imps running around with big, cartoonish “broken heart” emoji bubbles. They also seem to want chocolate bonbons, a recipe I found a few days in. 

You probably also know that, normally, when you throw an item that an imp is craving (denoted by that bubble), they usually run to the item, gobble it up, and leave some happy imp essence behind. But sending a bon bon towards a broken-hearted imp does nothing to sate their appetite, nor salve their pain. What to do?

First, you will need those bon bons. Head over to the baker bear once you have the goods.

You’ll need 20x toasted nut flower (which you get by burning walnuts at your fire) — you can find walnuts buried in the ground, or you can harvest them in trees. You also need two cocoa beans (available though Pandam’s store on Wednesdays, though Mr. Kit sells them daily once you get the 200,000 old coin upgrade).  That’s good for 20 bonbons, which is typically enough for the next part of the quest.

cozy grove heartbroken imp bonbon

Next up, you’ll need to find out where the two heartbroken imps are in relation to one another. Then — here’s the fun part — you’ll need to lead them to one another by strategically throwing bonbons so that they’ll meet in the middle. Their true love will result in a small explosion of resources: often, essence, recipes, and even other crafting materials or complex foods!

Say you have one imp on the southwestern tip of your island, and the other in a central location. You can focus on one (and lead them all the way to the other), or bring them both to a more central meeting point. In my experience so far, as long as you get them to reunite together, you’ll help them out (and help yourself to a delightful boon of resources in the process.)

cozy grove heartbroken imp resources

As you can see above, reuniting this particular couple got me some spirit imp essence, joyous imp essence, spirit bird essence, a cocoa tart, a panna cotta, and more!

The best bet is to throw the bon bons as far as you can within the imp’s range — it takes a little practice, but soon enough, you’ll be leading your imps towards one another like a pro.


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