How to Unlock Coreno’s Stashes (Red and Gold Doors) in FF7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is filled with various secrets and easter eggs for players to uncover. While most are out of the way, FF7 constantly teases players with red and gold doors that players cannot unlock. Dubbed “Corneo’s Secret Stashes,” these locations are scattered throughout the game but remain inaccessible for two-thirds of the campaign. This can be frustrating since your inability to actually open them is almost never brought up in-game and if you’re like me you’ll spend too much time trying to figure out a way inside them.

How to Open Coreno’s Secret Stashes

You will be unable to open up Corneo’s Secret Stashes until you reach Chapter 14 and complete the Don Corneo’s Secret Stash side quest. Until then, just make a mental note of where they are because you’ll be unable to unlock the gold and red doors for now. To start the quest, speak with Damon the reporter and then make your way towards the church you originally fought Reno in. Here you’ll talk to a woman named Kyrie, who requests that you fight in the colosseum for her.

The battle itself is pretty simple, even though you’re up against the Beastmaster again and his new, horrific friend. When the fight begins, focus all your attention on the Beastmaster and try to kill him as quickly as possible. If you’re fast you should be able to knock him out of the battle before the Hellhound really gets involved. Use a combination of Fire Materia spells and Cloud’s weapon abilities to tear apart his health bar.

Once he’s dead, start going to work on the Hellhound. This beast is weak to Ice damage, so consider outfitting either Barret or Tifa with Ice elemental weapons. Blizzara is also great for this fight since the Hellhound doesn’t move too much, so the crystal typically explodes on its body. On Normal difficulty, you’ll need to stagger is at least twice to put down this monster.

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After you defeat the Beastmaster you will unlock a key that works for all of Don Corneo’s Secret Stashes. The three stashes you can unlock are located in the Sewers, Steel Mountain, and Collapsed Expressway. You shouldn’t have any trouble with Steel Mountain and Collapsed Expressway, however, there is a mini-boss guarding the one in the Sewers. This is the Sahagin Prince, who is just a slightly tougher version of the normal Sahagin enemies. Just play defensively and use Fira to quickly fill up its Pressured meter. We also suggest killing the two normal Sahagin first so you don’t get stun locked by their attacks.

Once you kill the boss and obtain the Emerald Tiara you’ll be whisked away back to the Sector 5 Slums. Considering Don Corneo tried to feed you to a monster in the sewers, you shouldn’t feel bad about stealing from him.


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