COD Warzone SP-R 208 Loadout Guide – Best Attachments for the SP-R 208

When it comes to long-range options in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare there are a lot of popular choices to take into the Warzone game mode. From hard-hitting snipers to highly accurate marksman rifles, Modern Warfare offers a lot of ways to deal death at a distance. However, not all weapons are created equal as some rifles are simply better than others. This is the case with the SP-R 208, which is the newest marksman rifle introduced with Season 6. A competitor to the wildly popular Kar98k, this weapon is a bolt action rifle that focuses on high-damage and precision. Players are always looking for the best weapons, so does the SP-R 208 fill that niche between extremely long-range weapons and assault rifles, or should you just stick to your current loadout?

Here’s everything you need to know about the SP-R 208 and what the best attachments are.

Why the SP-R 208?

A marksman rifle, the SP-R 208 is unlocked by progressing through the Season 6 battle pass. Capable of killing an unarmored foe with a single shot to the head or two to the body, it falls in line with the majority of long-distance options. Where this gun stands above its direct competitor is the number of attachment options it boasts that drastically alter how you’ll use it. Unlike the Kar98k, players can alter just how fast you pull the bolt back to reload which can be quite useful for those who like to quick scope.

Additionally, the SP-R 208 can hold either 5 or 10 rounds in the magazine depending on which ammo clip you choose. This focus on variety really helps it rise above the Kar98k, which will certainly make it popular in Warzone. That being said, with the Kilo/MP5 meta still in full swing, a marksman rifle isn’t a highly competitive option. But if you are looking for one, this is certainly a solid choice. I just recommend practicing in Ground War to get a feel for the weapon’s bullet velocity and drop off.

Best SP-R 208 Attachments

  • Muzzle – Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel – SP-R 26″
  • Optic – Variable Zoom
  • Ammunition  .338 Lapua Mag 5-R Ma
  • Underbarrel – Commando Foregrip
  • Laser – Tac Laser (Optional)
  • Rear Grip – No Changes
  • Stock – No Changes
  • Bolt Assembly – No Changes
  • Perk – No Perk

When it comes to attachments, we are going to start off with the Monolithic Suppressor. This should be no surprise, as it’s still the best in slot for pretty much any gun in Warzone. Getting that extra range is always important, especially on a marksman rifle which will often need to compete with snipers. It also keeps us off the map, allowing us to take more shots without others discovering our location. SP-R 26″ is just another attachment that boosts our damage range, along with giving us some better recoil control and bullet velocity. All of these are critical for distance weapons, so this is a must-have barrel attachment.

For scopes, I typically recommend using whatever you’re most comfortable with, but this isn’t the case with the SP-R 208. You’ll definitely want that Variable Zoom to ensure you can accurately see and aim at targets beyond the 60-70 meter mark. Another attachment you’ll absolutely need is the .338 Lapua Mag 5-R rounds, as they deal extra damage, can travel greater distances, and have better bullet velocity. While you are cutting your magazine in half, this isn’t as big of a detriment in Warzone as it is in regular multiplayer. Finally, you’ll want the Commando Foregrip for additional recoil control to ensure you can hit targets multiple times without exiting the scope. If you’re confident in your aim, then the Tac Laser is a nice alternative since it greatly speeds up your aim-down-sights time.

The SP-R 208 may not be a meta weapon, but it’s certainly going to be a popular one. There are very few guns as satisfying to fire and use than this rifle in Warzone. So if you’re a ride or die Kar98k fan, consider giving this rifle a try sometime.


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