COD Warzone Hazardous Guide – How to Unlock the Hazardous Blueprint

The second Call of Duty: Warzone map is finally here and it’s a throwback to the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Alcatraz map. Dubbed  “Rebirth Island,” this level is much smaller than Verdansk, focusing on more intimate, chaotic moments. Boasting a lot of verticality and closed spaces, teams that preferred to just sit back and snipe may have a tougher time in this mode.

Currently available via the Resurgence game mode, players can earn some free cosmetic loot and weapon blueprints by parking in the new Rebirth Event. Slightly similar to The Haunting of Verdansk, users can complete challenges to unlock gear simply by playing on the new map. The final goal is to obtain the Hazardous Krig 6 weapon blueprint by finishing all 16 challenges.

How to Unlock the Hazardous Blueprint

To unlock the Krig 6 Hazardous blueprint, you’ll need to complete all of the challenges listed below. These range in difficulty and currently you can only play on this map via the Resurgence Trios mode. Before we get into some of the trickier challenges, let’s give a quick rundown of what you’ll need to do first:

COD Warzone Hazardous Blueprint

  • Be Right Back Calling Card – Pilot a vehicle for 20 minutes on Rebirth Island
  • Experimentation Calling Card – Complete 30 Contracts on Rebirth Island
  • Corrosive Gun Charm – Purchase 30 Killstreaks on Rebirth Island
  • Brother Bear Emblem – Open 100 crates on Rebirth Island
  • Again! Sticker – Collect 200 piles of Plunder from the ground on Rebirth Island
  • Shooting Star Emblem – Collect your loadout 20 times on Rebirth Island
  • Rebirth Emblem – Place in the 30% 5 times on Rebirth Island
  • Heroic Sacrifice Calling Card – Get 30 kills with a Common weapon on Rebirth Island
  • Hazard Warning Sticker – Get 30 Kills with a Legendary weapon on Rebirth Island
  • Soviet Space Program Calling Card – Get 2 kills or assists while in a vehicle on Rebirth Island\
  • Loading… Calling Card – Destroy 1 vehicle carrying enemies on Rebirth Island
  • Red Bear Sticker – Use 50 Armor Plates on Rebirth Island
  • Familiar Fortress Calling Card – Place in the top 30% 15 times on Rebirth Island
  • Noxious Light Machine Gun Blueprint – Place in the top 30% 30 times on Rebirth Island
  • Thunderbolts Emblem – Get a kill before the first circle closes 1 time on Rebirth Island
  • Reborn Charm – Kill 100 Downed enemies on Rebirth Island

So out of these challenges, the vehicle ones will most likely be the hardest to complete. Rebirth Island is a much smaller map than Verdansk, so using other ways to get around simply isn’t necessary. Unless you are really far behind, you can typically just run to the first circle with little trouble. Because of this, I recommend prioritizing these challenges above the others. With people still familiarizing themselves with the map, it will be way easier to get kills or kill those in vehicles.

Additionally the Again! challenge has some weird wording that can be confusing at first glance. What it means is you’ll need to pick up 200 pieces of loot on the ground and not from crates. So when you’re running through buildings, just make sure to nab a few items and this challenge should finish itself overtime. Once you complete all of the challenges you’ll unlock the Hazardous blueprint for the Krig 6 which is… fine, it’s just fine. I really don’t see this being used in the overall meta, but it’s nice to have.


Collin MacGregor

Collin MacGregor is the Guide Staff Writer at Fanbyte. He's also the person who willingly plays the support class (you're welcome) and continues to hold out for an Ape Escape remake.

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  1. Activision is dropping the ball on these events. I completed yhe halloween pumpkin smasher and didn’t get the load out only to repeat each one over and still not get it. Now I’ve completed everything but the common weapon and there’s never a common weapon to be found. What a ripoff. I’m done with Activision

    1. Put the milano and rpg without any attachments without camo, without anything in your load out. That will work. ?

    2. If you make a load out group with MILO no attachments and an RPG no attachments that your common weapon group

  2. Its 30 kills with Common, if your lucky you can get the Milano, the FFAR, and Pelington as common but the common drop rate is more rare than the legendaries which IMHO is crap.

    1. You just need to create a loadout weapon with absolutely no attachments. They will count as common weapons when you pick up from the loadout drops. The Milano and FFAR are common when you create them in a loadout.

  3. This is nonsense. No common weapons. Pelington is one and thats the only I can find. Btw to the author of the post. Its not 20 kills with common weapons, it is 30.

  4. I Wish I could slap the person that made that THERE IS NO COMMON GUNS ON THE MAP!
    Pelington is 1 the other is the Famas . Thats it.
    Good luck spending 4 hours looking for one.

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