COD: Warzone Fennec Loadout Guide – Best Loadout for the Vector

A new season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, means there’s a new weapon to start testing for the Warzone battle royale mode. The Fennec, or more affectionately known as the Vector, is a close-range submachine gun that math be one of the new top tier weapons in Warzone. Boasting a high fire rate and accuracy, the Fennec can tear through an armored opponent in seconds, making it ideal for building clearing. While many prefer the MP7 or MP5, you shouldn’t sleep on the Fennec if you need a good close-quarters weapon

Here is the best loadout for the Fennec in Call of Duty: Warzone and what attachments you should use.

Why the Fennec?

The Fennec is a high fire rate weapon that boasts a surprising amount of accuracy for the SMG archetype, along with a predictable recoil pattern. This makes it quite easy to control, allowing you to either quickly bring down a foe or harass someone at a distance. Capable of outputting enough damage to down someone before they can react, the Vector is the perfect complement to any ranged weapon. Even though it lacks the flexibility of the AUG or the stopping power of the MP5, it stands toe-to-toe with the MP7 for low damage, fast firing submachine guns.

Best Fennec Attachments

  • Muzzle – ZLR Sabre
  • Barrel – ZLR 16″ Apex
  • Rear Grip – Stippled Grip Tape
  • Ammunition  40 Round Mag
  • Underbarrel – Merc Foregrip
  • Laser – No Changes
  • Perk – No Perk
  • Stock – No Changes
  • Optic – No Changes

If you play a lot of Warzone then the best attachments for the Vector shouldn’t be too surprising. Despite being able to rock the Monolithic Suppressor, we are actually going to use the ZLR Sabre instead. It offers the same bonuses plus some added recoil control. This allows you to stay on target more consistently without needing to burst fire the Fennec. We are also slapping on the ZLR 16″ Apex barrel for a nice bump in damage range, control, and bullet velocity. Using this will make the submachine gun less unwieldy, which is critical when you’re not point-blank range with someone.

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Just like every weapon build we’ve done before, the Fennec is getting a magazine size increase to ensure we have enough bullets to kill someone. The 40 Round Mag is non-negotiable since you will run out of bullets very fast if you stick with the base magazine. Also, make sure to add the Merc Foregrip for better recoil control and hip-fire accuracy, which can be quite useful if someone jumps you.

Finally, there is some debate about whether to use the Tac Laser or Stippled Grip Tape. Both are used to increase our aim down sights speed, which is critical for an SMG. Personally, I don’t like the Tac Laser since enemies can see it, making breaching a building a little riskier. Somone can easily follow the later to deduce where you are, especially if they’re camping in a room. So I am going to throw on the Stippled Grip Tape instead, but don’t feel bad if you prefer the Tac Laser.

With Season 4 underway, consider working towards unlocking the Fennec and leveling it up. This submachine gun is definitely worth your time!