COD: Warzone Events Guide – What Are Events & How to Complete Them

Another massive update to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Warzone game mode has arrived that makes multiple tweaks and alterations to the battle royale formula. In an attempt to keep players always on their toes, Infinity Ward is introducing in-game events that can have a major impact on a match’s outcome. There are three events in total, each of which are wildly different put still potentially game-changing. Here’s a breakdown of each event and what you should expect from them.

What Are Events?

Events are special in-game moments that will happen once a game. These events will always take place in the middle of the game after the first ring has closed, but before the Gulag is locked. So expect it around the 2-3rd ring, since it typically takes a fair amount of time for the Gulag to actually close. Once the event begins, users will have a small window of time to capitalize on them before they vanish. You’ll know when an event is starting because a massive orange text box will appear at the top of your screen along with an audio cue. Each one is different, so understanding what these events do is going to be critical for winning.

Fire Sale

The first event is all about those sweet, sweet discounts. When the Fire Sale begins you will only have 60 seconds to enjoy everything in the store is discounted by 80% with the exception of a Loadout Drop. This makes it perfect for redeploying teammates if your cash is low or purchasing a critical UAV or Killstreak. Additionally, some items are even completely free, so expect a lot of fighting around the Stores when a Fire Sale is active. Alternatively, your team can camp a Supply Box and use it to ambush a squad looking to cash in on the discounts. If you’re going to buy somethings during this sale, make sure to keep an eye out for others around you.

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Perhaps the most controversial of the three events, Jailbreak instantly frees everyone who is waiting in the Gulag or dead. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a match, watching from the balconies, or out of lives and spectating, once Jailbreak triggers everyone gets re-deployed back into the match. This means you’ll want to keep your eyes to the sky when a Jailbreak triggers so you can snag some easy kills when people deploy their parachutes. Thankfully, players in the match will get a one minute notice before the Jailbreak starts. Because of this, you can do some more aggressive or risky plays since you know you’ll be redeployed.

Supply Choppers

The last of the events, Supply Choppers revolves around blowing up A.I. controlled roaming helicopters for high tier gear. This gear includes Munitions Boxes, Armor Boxes, the grenade launcher, two UAVs, and a lot of cash for you to spend. More lucrative than the actual bunkers, blasting down a Supply Chopper will quickly outfit your team with some of the best items in the entirety of Warzone. To bring down these choppers, I highly recommend using any rocket launcher that tracks. Not only will this make them easy to kill, but it will save your team their ammo. Considering bringing at least one of these rocket launchers with your squad every game.

Remember, all of these events will only happen once a match and which of the three you get is completely random. Always be prepared for a shakeup during the middle of the match, otherwise, you may end up getting blindsided by the teams that participated.


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