Call of Duty: Warzone MP7 Guide – The Best Attachments for the MP7

If you want to survive the journey to the escape helicopter in Call of Duty: Warzone then you’re going to need a reliable firearm. Even though there are a ton of weapons to choose from, one has steadily risen in popularity since the game mode’s release. The MP7 is a fast, agile SMG that can quickly rip apart any foe foolish enough to challenge it up close. Available both as a crate weapon and via your loadout, the MP7 is a solid foundation for any build. With dozens of weapon attachments available it can be difficult to determine which ones are the best for this firearm.

Since weapon attachments impact the overall performance and base stats, it’s critical to pick the right ones for Warzone. While you can use whatever weapon attachment for the MP7, we will be focusing on a build that is both consistent and deadly. This doesn’t mean that you cannot use other attachments, just that these are some of the best available.

Why the MP7?

Of all the SMGs the MP7 is certainly one of the most used, mainly due to its terrific stability and solid Time to Kill. Its predictable recoil pattern makes it very easy to control even without any additional attachments, allowing you to track moving targets. Despite having a generally underwhelming range stat, the MP7 is surprisingly accurate for an MP7. You won’t be killing people beyond 30ish meters, but it does ensure that anyone fighting up close will have a difficult time taking you down. If you’re looking for an SMG with more range than consider using the AUG or Striker 45.

COD Warzone Best Attachments MP7

Best MP7 Attachments

  • Muzzle – Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel – FFS Recon
  • Optic – APX Holographic Sight / No Optic
  • Rear Grip – Stippled Grip Tape
  • Ammunition 60 Round Mags
  • Underbarrel – Merc Foregrip
  • Laser – No Changes
  • Stock – No Changes
  • Perk – No Perk

Unsurprisingly, the muzzle attachment for the MP7 (and most weapons) is the Monolithic Suppressor. This attachment not only silences your MP7, but it gives you a decent boost to your accuracy and range stats. Sadly, this attachment isn’t unlocked until Level 50, so use the Tactical Suppressor until you get this modification. It’s undoubtedly the best in slot, so you will absolutely want to grind for it in the normal Modern Warfare multiplayer modes.

For the barrel, the only good choice is the FFS Recon which gives you a nice increase to the accuracy, range, and control. Even though it reduces your movement and aim down sight speed, these are acceptable losses since it won’t impact your overall performance with the MP7. We’re also adding a 60 Round Magazine to ensure that you have enough bullets to take down any fully armored enemy. This is a non-negotiable weapon attachment since the base magazine is designed for core multiplayer, not Warzone.

Optics is the most flexible slot since you don’t technically need one for the MP7. I like to ditch the Merc Foregrip for the APX Holographic Sight since it gives another small boost to range. However, you can easily make the argument for removing the sight entirely since the Merc Foregrip helps with controlling the gun’s recoil. Finally, the Stippled Grip Tape mainly to offset the negative penalties given by the FFS Recon barrel.

It may take some time to unlock all of these attachments, but the MP7  is absolutely worth all the effort. Just make sure to get some practice in with the gun before you pick it up in Warzone!