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Call of Duty: Warzone Assault Rifles Guide - What Are the Best Assault Rifles?

Call of Duty: Warzone is the latest battle royale game to catch fire, as it takes the tense, fast gunplay of this franchise’s multiplayer and mixes it with high pressure battle royale mechanics. Similar to other games in this genre, players can find weapons lying on the ground and use them. The catch is, you can also obtain your own personal, customized loadout. Obtainable by either purchasing a loadout box for $10,000 or find one in the wild, getting your personal weapon can make a huge difference in gunfights.

But not all weapons are created equal, as some are simply better to bring into Warzone than others. This doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t use your favorite weapon if it’s working for you. These are simply our picks for the best assault rifles for those unsure of what to use.

(This list is in no particular order.)

Best Assault Rifles in Warzone


A personal favorite, the RAM-7 is an assault rifle with a lot of stopping power that can quickly put down fully armored enemies. Despite having a slightly unwieldy recoil pattern, the RAM-7 is a monster at close to medium range engagements. This makes it ideal for those who like to battle in urban environments such as the Promanade or Downtown. Where the gun falters is range. Sure, it can still down and kill enemies at a distance, but it’s not excellent beyond 50-60 meters. This is definitely best paired with a Marksmen Rifle or Sniper Rifle.


This middle of the road assault rifle has been a fan favorite for a long, long time. Great at close, medium, and even some long-range fights, the M4A1 is a solid, balanced choice. It’s time to kill is a little longer than a few others in this archetype, but the extra range more than makes up for it. Slapping on a Monolithic Suppressor, M16 Grenadier Stock, and Hybrid Sight helps give it a much-needed range boost without compromising its close-quarters effectiveness. Plus, you probably already have a bunch of mods unlocked for this gun since you can pick it up in Warzone!


When it comes to raw damage the ODEN is unmatched by any other assault rifle. This assault rifle absolutely decimates enemies at medium to long ranges, letting you challenge foes that you typically shouldn’t be able to with an assault rifle. Adding on a Colossus Suppressor helps boost its range even more. Keep in mind, the Oden has a slower rate of fire so if you’re looking for a bullet hose this isn’t it. Thankfully, that makes controlling the gun’s recoil far more forgiving than other assault rifles. Landing headshots with this weapon is critical, so always try to pair it with a solid optic.


If you suck at controlling recoil then the M13 is the assault rifle for you. A weapon with very little kick, the M13 is another well-rounded selection that is easy to use. Boasting a terrific damage multiplier for headshots, this gun rewards those who have excellent aim. This is even easier thanks to the low recoil, making it great for a lot of medium-range fights or taking down multiple, fully-armored foes. One downside is if you constantly land bodyshots over headshots you won’t be getting a lot out of this gun.


Yes, I know I’m cheating with this pick. No, I don’t care it’s technically a submachine gun. With the right modifications the AUG can effectively turn into a potent close to medium-range assault rifle. To do this, throw on the Monolithic Suppressor, 407mm Extended Barrel, Scout Combat Optic, and Commando Foregrip. This gives the gun solid range and accuracy to make up for the slightly lower damage. You’ll definitely want to get some practice in with this set-up to ensure you understand the gun’s range limitations.

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