COD Modern Warfare FiNN Guide – How to Unlock the FiNN LMG

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Games of Summer event is officially live. Bringing some additions for both normal and Warzone players, this meaty update has plenty of content for players to sink their teeth into. While many will be competing for the best times and scores in the Trials mode. Taking the concept of the typical Call of Duty training mission, Trials tasks players with completing a single-player firing range with the best time. With countries across the world competing, many will be trying to prove who is truly the best. However, for those who don’t care about the more competitive side of this event, there is a new weapon called the FiNN LMG for you to obtain.

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How to Unlock the FiNN LMG

There are two ways to unlock the FiNN LMG, with the first requiring you to purchase the Mainframe bundle from the store. This costs real money, so I don’t recommend doing this unless you really just want the blueprint for the FiNN. Just remember, bundles in the Store rotate so if you don’t see it when you log on, just keep checking throughout the month. That being said, I do not recommend this method since getting the FiNN LMG is remarkably easy, even if you’re not great at Modern Warfare’s multiplayer.

To unlock the FiNN LMG, you need to get one melee kill with an LMG across seven different matches. This means you need a total of seven melee kills while holding an LMG for the FiNN LMG to become available. To do this, I recommend loading up the Shoot the Ship playlist. Both maps featured are extremely small, making it easy to get behind someone and bash them with your weapon. Ground War is another solid option since no one ever pays attention to their surroundings in that mode – especially if there are a lot of snipers.

Additionally, I suggest putting on either Stun Grenades or Smoke Grenades. The former will slow enemies down making it easy to close the gap, while the former can mask your approach. Both are great options, so use whichever suits your personal playstyle. If you’re still struggling, Double Time and Tracker are solid perks that will give you that extra edge when you’re hunting someone down. Try to never just rush at someone in a straight line, as this will most likely lead to your death. Instead, hide behind corners or doors to catch anyone roaming around the map by surprise.

Finally, you do not need to finish the match for this to count. Once you get a melee kill with an LMG, back out to the lobby and load into a different game. This will make grinding for the gun infinitely faster – especially since you’ll want to start earning attachments as soon as possible. The FiNN LMG is live for PS4, PC, and Xbox One users, so get out there and start hitting enemies with your weapon!


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