Civilization 6: Rise & Fall Leaders Guide: Perks, Unique Units, & More

Civilization 6: Rise & Fall comes with new features and improvements like great ages, governors, and city loyalty. But (almost) more importantly, it comes with nine new leaders and eight new civilization. Each has its own Each has its own leader ability, civ ability, unique unit, unique improvement, and leader agenda.

We cover each of these factors for all nine of the leaders below! We’ve further explained some of the details as needed, too, since the game itself isn’t always 100 percent clear.

Keep in mind that all AI civilizations also have a hidden agenda in addition to the default leader agenda. These are randomized with every game. The only way to find them out is to increase your Diplomatic Visibility.

Looking for more leaders? We have additional guides for the DLC and base game civs! You can find those links just below this paragraph! We’ll update our guides with the upcoming Gathering Storm civs shortly, too!

Cree – Poundmaker

Leader Perk: Favorable Terms – All Alliance types give Shared Visibility. Your Trade Routes provide one Food for each Camp or Pasture in the receiving city. The destination city, yours or otherwise, gains one Gold per Camp or Pasture as well.

Cree Perk: Nihithaw – The Cree have +1 Trade Route capacity and receive a free Trader when Pottery is researched. When a Trader moves through any unclaimed tiles within three tiles of a Cree city, it claims the tiles as Cree territory.

Unique Unit: Okihtcitaw – Replaces the Scout in the Ancient era. The recon unit is stronger so it can better fight other units. Starts with one free promotion.

Unique Improvement: Mekewap – Builders can construct this tile improvement. It provides one Production and one Housing. Adjacent Luxury resources give +1 Gold. Every two adjacent Bonus Resources give one Food as well.

Provides additional Production, Gold, Food, and Housing as you progress through the tech tree.

The improvement must be next to a Bonus or Luxury resource and can’t be adjacent to another Mekewap.

Leader Agenda: Iron Confederacy – Establishes as many Alliances as possible. Likes those who do the same. Dislikes civilizations without Alliances.

Georgia – Tamar

Leader Perk: Glory of the World, Kingdom and Faith – Tamar receives +100 Faith production for ten turns after declaring a Protectorate War.

Each envoy you send to a city-state that shares your majority Religion counts as two Envoys.

Georgia Perk: Strength in Unity – When making Dedications at the start of a Golden Age or Heroic Age, Georgia gets the Normal Age bonus towards improving Era Score in addition to the other bonus. In short, Georgia can more easily earn Golden Ages!

Unique Unit: Khevsur – A Medieval era unit that has a +7 Combat Strength bonus when fighting in hilly terrain and doesn’t suffer Movement penalties on hills.

Unique Improvement: Tsikhe – Replaces the Renaissance Walls in the City Center. Is cheaper than the regular walls and gives three Faith. Raises the strength of your outer defenses to the highest possible level. After advancing to the Conservation Civic it provides three Tourism.

Leader Agenda: Narikala Fortress – Builds high-level walls around her cities. Likes those who do the same. Dislikes those who don’t fortify their cities.

India – Chandragupta

Leader Perk: Arthashastra – After gaining the Military Training Civic, Chandragupta can declare a War of Territorial Expansion.

After declaring any Wars of Territorial Expansion, units get +2 Movement and +5 Combat Strength.

India Perk: Dharma – Gets Follower Belief bonuses from all religions that have at least 1 follower in their cities.

Unique Unit: Varu – A Classical era heavy cavalry unit that gives adjacent enemy units -5 Combat Strength.

Unique Improvement: Stepwell – Builders can construct the unique Stepwell improvement. It provides +1 Food and +1 Housing. If adjacent to a Holy Site district, it’ll give another +1 Faith. Furthermore it adds an additional +1 Food if next to a farm. It cannot be built on Hills or adjacent to another Stepwell.

Leader Agenda: Maurya Empire – Dislikes civilizations that have cities close to his borders and will try to conquer them. Likes civilizations that aren’t his neighbors.

Korea – Seondeok

Leader Perk: Hwarang – Governors that are established in an owned city provide +3 percent Culture and Science for each Promotion they have earned, including their first.

Korea Perk: Three Kingdoms – Mines get one additional Science if there’s an adjacent Seowon. Similarly, Farms get a one Food bonus.

Unique Unit: Hwacha – A Renaissance era unit with high ranged attack strength. Can’t move and attack in the same turn.

Unique Improvement: Seowon – Replaces the Campus district. Gives four Science, but must be built on Hills. The Seowon actually loses one Science for each adjacent district.

Leader Agenda: Cheomseongdae – Builds up Science and likes those who also do so. Dislikes civilizations with weak Science output.

Mapuche – Lautaro

Leader Perk: Swift Hawk – Any Mapuche unit that defeats an enemy unit within the borders of an enemy city causes the city to lose 20 Loyalty. Pillaging a plot in enemy territory causes the city to lose 5 Loyalty.

Mapuche Perk: Toqui – All units trained in a city with an established Governor gain 25 percent Combat Experience. Mapuche units have +10 Combat Strength when fighting units from civilizations that are in a Golden Age.

Unique Unit: Malon Raider – A Renaissance era unit that gets +5 Combat Strength if within four hexes of friendly territory. Pillaging only costs one Movement instead of ending the unit’s turn.

Unique Improvement: Chemamull – A tile improvement that can be built by Builders. Provides Mapuche with Culture equal to 75 percent of the tile’s Appeal. Provides Tourism after Flight has been researched. Must be built on a tile with Breathtaking Appeal.

Leader Agenda: Spirit of Tucapel – Likes to keep his cities loyal and likes civilizations who do the same. Dislikes civilizations that have negative city Loyalty.

Mongolia – Genghis Khan

Leader Perk: Mongol Horde – All cavalry class units get three additional Combat Strength. Each has a chance to capture defeated enemy cavalry class units.

Mongolia Perk: Ortoo – Starting a Trade Route immediately creates a Trading Post in the destination city. Mongolia gets an extra level of Diplomatic Visibility for possessing a Trading Post in any city of a civilization.

All Mongolian units get double the usual Combat Bonus for having a higher level of Diplomatic Visibility than their opponent.

Unique Unit: Keshig – A Medieval era Ranged Cavalry unit. Can escort civilian and support units at their own Movement speed.

Unique Improvement: Ordu – Replaces the Stable in the Encampment district. Gives +1 Movement to all Heavy and Light Cavalry units trained in the city. All cavalry, regardless of class, get +25 percent combat experience if trained here as well.

The Ordu may not be built in an Encampment that already has a Barracks.

Leader Agenda: Horse Lord – Always builds a strong cavalry army. Likes civilizations that don’t build cavalry. Dislikes civilizations that also have strong cavalry armies.

Netherlands – Wilhelmina

Leader Perk: Radio Oranje – Trade Routes to your own city provide one Loyalty per turn to the originating city. Trade Routes to or from foreign cities provide one Culture.

Netherlands Perk: Grote Rivieren – Campuses, Theater Squares, and Industrial Zones get bigger adjacency bonuses if they’re next to a river. When building a Harbor, Netherlands activates the Culture Bomb effect, converting all adjacent tiles to Dutch territory.

Unique Unit: De Zeven Provincien – A Renaissance era naval unit that has +7 Combat Strength when attacking defensible districts.

Unique Improvement: Polder – Builders can construct this tile improvement which provides one Food, one Production, and 0.5 Housing. Polders must be placed on a Coast or Lake tile which is adjacent to three or more land tiles. The Movement cost on these tiles is increased to three.

Polders next to other Polders will get +1 Food, as well.

Provides additional Production, Gold, and Food as you advance through the tech trees.

Leader Agenda: Billionaire – Tries to have as many Trade Routes as possible. Likes civilizations that trade with her. Dislikes those who don’t.

Scotland – Robert the Bruce

Leader Perk: Bannockburn- After gaining the Defensive Tactics Civic, Robert the Bruce can declare a War of Liberation. For the first ten turns after declaring a War of Liberation, Robert gets +100 percent Production and +2 Movement.

Scotland Perk: Scottish Enlightenment – Happy cities get an extra +5 percent Science and +5 percent Production. They also generate one Great Scientist point per Campus and one Great Engineer point per Industrial Zone.

Ecstatic cities double these amounts.

Unique Unit: Highlander – Replaces the Ranger in the Industrial era. Has +5 Combat Strength when fighting in Hill and Forest tiles.

Unique Improvement: Golf Course – Builders can construct this tile improvement that provides one Amenity, two Gold, and one tile Appeal. If adjacent to the City Center it also provides one Culture and an additional Culture if next to an Entertainment Complex district.

Provides additional Tourism and Housing as you advance through the tech trees.

Can’t be built on Desert or Desert Hills. Can only be built once per City. TIles with Golf Courses can’t be swapped.

Leader Agenda: Flower of Scotland – Will never attack his neighbors unless they break a promise to him. Dislikes anyone waging war on his neighbors. Likes civilizations not at war with his neighbors.

Zulu – Shaka

Leader Perk: Amabutho – Can form Corps (Mercenaries Civic) and Armies (Nationalism Civic) earlier than all other civilizations. Corps and Armies receive +5 Combat Strength.

Zulu Perk: Isibongo – Cities with a garrisoned unit get +3 Loyalty per turn. If the garrisoned unit is an Army or Corps, it gets +5 Loyalty per turn instead.

Unique Unit: Impi – Replaces the Pikeman in the Medieval era. Gets a bigger bonus from Flanking, has a lower cost, lower maintenance, and earns XP faster.

Unique Improvement: Ikanda – Replaces the Encampment district. Provides one Housing. Once the Civic or Technology prerequisite is met, the Zulu can build Corps and Armies outright. Corps and Armies can also be built faster.

Leader Agenda: Horn, Chest, Loins – Forms as many Corps and Armies as possible. Likes those who do the same and dislikes those who have few of them.

If you missed our base game leaders guide, you can find that here. We’ve also prepared guides for the Rise & Fall expansion, and the upcoming Gathering Storm expansion which you’ll be able to find here once they’re published.