Civilization 6 Gathering Storm Leaders Guide: Perks, Unique Units, & More

Civilization 6: Gathering Storm comes with a whole host of new features and improvements — like the World Congress, global warming, and natural disasters. And you can read our full thoughts on the early parts of the game in our preview. But (almost) more importantly, it comes with nine new leaders and eight new civilizations. Each has its own leader ability, civ ability, unique unit, unique improvement, and leader agenda.

We cover each of these factors for all nine of the leaders below. We’ve further explained some of the details as needed since the game itself isn’t always 100 percent clear.

Keep in mind that all AI civilizations also have a hidden agenda in addition to the default leader agenda. These are randomized with every game and the only way to find them out is to increase your Diplomatic Visibility.

Looking for more leaders? We have additional guides for the base game, DLC civs, and Rise & Fall civs! Just click any of these links if you can’t find the one you’re looking for in this expansion. Otherwise, press on for a full list of Gathering Storm civs and their abilities.

Canada – Wilfrid Laurier

Leader Perk: The Last Best West – Unlike other civilizations, Laurier can build Farms on Tundra tiles. Once Civil Engineering has been researched, they can also be built on Tundra Hills.

Laurier can also purchase Snow, Snow Hill, Tundra, and Tundra Hill tiles at half of the normal price.

In addition, he gets double the normal extraction from consumable resource tiles.

Canada Perk: Four Faces of Peace – Canada cannot declare Surprise Wars. Other civilizations also can’t declare Surprise Wars on Canada.

For every 100 Tourism that Canada earns, it gains 1 Diplomatic Favor. The civ also earns double the Diplomatic Favor when successfully completing Emergencies or Scored Competitions.

Unique Unit: Mountie – This Modern era Light Cavalry unit can build a National Park. It gains +5 Combat Strength when within two tiles of one and an additional +5 strength when that park is Canadian.

Unique Improvement: Ice Hockey Rink – Builders can construct this tile improvement. It provides one Amenity and two Appeal to surrounding tiles. For each adjacent Tundra, Tundra Hills, Snow, and Snow Hills tile, it generates one Culture.

Later in the game, once Flight is unlocked, it’ll produce Tourism. Once Professional Sports has been researched, it’ll add two Food and some Production. If next to a Stadium, it gets +4 Culture.

Only one Ice Hockey Rink can be built per city.

Leader Agenda: Canadian Expeditionary Force – Will always respond to an Emergency if possible. Likes civilizations that do the same and dislikes those that ignore Emergencies.

Hungary – Matthias Corvinus

Leader Perk: Raven King – Levied city-state units get a buff of +2 Movement and +5 Combat Strength. They can be upgraded at no Gold or resource cost to you.

Levying a city-state’s troops automatically gives you two additional Envoys with that city-state.

Hungary Perk: Pearl of the Danube – Hungary gets a +50 percent Production bonus when constructing districts and buildings that are across a river from the City Center.

Unique Unit: Black Army – Replaces the Courser and is unlocked with Castles. Has +3 Combat Strength for each adjacent levied unit.

Unique Unit: Huszar – Replaces the Cavalry. Has +3 Combat Strength for each active Alliance.

Unique Improvement: Thermal Bath – Replaces the Zoo in the Entertainment Complex district. Provides two Amenities from entertainment and two Production. The bonus extends to all cities within six tiles.

If there is at least one Geothermal Fissure within the city’s borders, it will also provide three Tourism and two additional Amenities.

Leader Agenda: Raven Banner – Will frequently levy troops from city-states. Likes those who do the same and dislikes those that ignore the levy feature.

Inca – Pachacuti

Leader Perk: Qhapaq Nan – Domestic Trade Routes provide one Food for each Mountain tile in the origin city.

The Qhapag Nan improvement is available when the Foreign Trade civic is discovered.

Inca Perk: Mit’a – Incan citizens can work Mountain tiles. These provide two Production.

Mountain tiles get +1 Food for each adjacent Terrace Farm.

Unique Unit: Warak’aq – Replaces the Skirmisher in the Medieval era. It’s stronger at ranged combat and has one additional attack per turn.

Unique Improvement: Qhapaq Nan – Builders can construct this tile improvement. It acts as a movement portal where units can move into it and exit it in exchange for two Movement. It can only be built adjacent to a Mountain tile. It can’t be pillaged or removed.

Unique Improvement: Terrace Farm – Builders can construct this tile improvement which provides one Food. For every two Terrace Farms, Inca gets one Housing.

Each adjacent Mountain tile increases the Food output by one.

It also gains two Production for each adjacent Aqueduct district. The bonus is halved if it’s next to Fresh Water and not an Aqueduct.

Food output increases with adjacent Terrace Farms as you advance through the tech and civic trees.

Must be built on a Grassland Hill, Plains Hill, or Desert Hill.

Leader Agenda: Sapa Inca – Tries to settle near Mountains. Likes those who leave those areas to him. Dislikes civilizations that settle near Mountains.

Mali – Mansa Musa

Leader Perk: Sahel Merchants – International Trade Routes generate one Gold for each flat Desert tile in the origin city. Every time Mansa Musa enters a Golden Age, he gains one Trade Capacity.

Mali Perk: Songs of the Jeli – City Centers gain one Faith and one Food for every adjacent Desert and Desert Hills tile.

Mines only generate one Production, but produce four Gold.

Mali can purchase Commercial Hub district buildings with Faith.

+30 percent Production when constructing buildings or training units.

Unique Unit: Mandekalu Cavalry – Replaces the Knight in the Medieval era. Protects Traders that are withing 4 files of itself, making them immune to plundering.

Combat victories provide Gold equal to the defeated unit’s base Combat Strength.

Unique Improvement: Suguba – Replaces the Commercial Hub district. Units, buildings, and districts are 20 percent cheaper to purchase with Gold and Faith in this city.

The Suguba gets a two Gold bonus for each adjacent Holy Site. There’s another two Gold bonus for an adjacent River edge. Gets +1 Gold for every two adjacent districts.

Leader Agenda: Lord of the Mines – Will build up as much Gold output as possible. Likes those that focus on Gold, dislikes those that don’t. He essentially likes rich nations, dislikes poor ones.

Maori – Kupe

Leader Perk: Kupe’s Voyage – Kupe begins the game in an Ocean tile. Before you settle your first city, you’ll earn two Science and two Culture per turn.

Once you’ve founded your Capital, you’ll get a free Builder and one additional Population. The Palace itself receives three additional Housing and one Amenity.

Maori Perk: Mana – Start the game with Sailing and Shipbuilding unlocked. The Maori can enter Ocean tiles from the start of the game.

Embarked units gain +5 Combat Strength and +2 Movement.

Woods and Rainforest tiles that are not improved provide one Production. This becomes two once the Conservation civic is unlocked.

Fishing Boats provide one Food and set off the Culture Bomb effect, converting adjacent tiles to Maori territory.

The Maori cannot harvest resources or earn Great Writers.

Unique Unit: Toa – A Classical era melee unit that causes adjacent enemy units to lose five Combat Strength. Can build the Pa improvement.

Unique Improvement: Pa – Must be built on Hills. Provides four extra Defense for occupying units. Heals units that end their turn on it.

Unique Improvement: Marae – Replaces the Amphitheater in the Theater Square. Provides two Culture and one Faith to all of the city’s tiles with a passable feature (such as Floodplains). Once Flight has been researched, all city tiles with a feature will also offer two Tourism. It does not have Great Work slots.

Leader Agenda: Kaitiakitanga – Avoids contributing to climate change by not removing features, planting Woods, and founding National Parks. Likes those who do the same. Dislikes civilizations that contribute to Climate Change.

Ottomans – Suleiman

Leader Perk: Grand Vizier – Suleiman gets a unique Governor that has full military and diplomatic abilities. Ibrahim, the Governor, is the only Governor that can be installed in a different civilization.

At a base level, he provides +20 percent Production to all military units in the city. His second and final levels offer bonuses when he’s in a non-Ottoman city. This includes an increase to Alliance leveling rate, a Grievances reduction, and the complete removal of Loyalty pressure from the city.

Suleiman also unlocks the Janissary unit when Gunpowder is researched.

Ottomans Perk: Great Turkish Bombard – +50 percent Production towards siege units. All siege units gain +5 Combat Strength against district defenses.

Cities conquered by the Ottomans don’t lose Population when they convert. Any cities not founded by the Ottomans automatically get one Amenity and four Loyalty per turn.

Unique Unit: Janissary – Replaces the Musketman in the Renaissance era. Starts with a free promotion and is stronger and cheaper than the Musketman.

Janissaries can only be built in cities with a population of two or more. This is because the construction of a Janissary consumes one Population if the city building the unit was founded by the Ottomans.

Unique Unit: Barbary Corsair – Replaces the Privateer in the Medieval era. It can coastal raid without paying a Movement cost. The unit cannot be seen by regular units unless they’re adjacent to it.

Unique Improvement: Grand Bazaar – Replaces the Bank in the Commercial Hub district. It provides one extra Strategic resource for every different type of Strategic resource tile that has been improved.

It also gives one Amenity for each Lucury resource the city has improved.

Leader Agenda: Lawgiver – Tries to keep cities happy and loyal. Likes those who do the same, especially if those cities were originally founded by another civilization. Dislikes those that struggle with these two factors or that don’t own lots of conquered cities.


Phoenicia – Dido

Leader Perk: Founder of Carthage – Can move their capital to a city with a Cothon by completing a unique project in that city. Gains one Trade Route capacity for each Government Plaza building and the Plaza district itself. Has +50 percent Production toward districts in the city with the Government Plaza.

Phoenicia Perk: Mediterranean Colonies – Starts the game with the Writing technology’s Eureka. Coastal cities founded by Phoenicia that are located on the same continent as the Capital are always 100 percent Loyal.

Settlers have +2 Movement and can see two tiles further while embarked. They also ignore Movement costs from embarking and disembarking.

Unique Unit: Bireme – Replaces the Galley in the Ancient era. Has better Combat Strength and more Movement. Protects trader units within four tiles that are on a water tile, making them immune to plundering.

Unique Improvement: Cothon – Replaces the Harbor. Is cheaper and still must be built on Coast or Lake Terrain next to land.

Provides +50 percent Production towards naval units and Settlers in the city. All wounded naval units in the city borders heal by 100 hp each turn.

Leader Agenda: Sicilian Wars – Wants to settle coastle cities. Likes civilizations that settle inland and dislikes civilizations that compete by founding cities on the coast.

Sweden – Kristina

Leader Perk: Minerva of the North – Any buildings with at least three Great Work slot or wonders with at least two Great Work slots are automatically themed when filled with Great Works.

Kristina can construct the unique Queen’s Bibliotheque improvement.

Sweden Perk: Nobel Prize – Sweden gains 50 Diplomatic Favor every time it earns a Great Person. The civilization also earns one Great Engineer point from Factories and one Great Scientist point from Universities.

Having Sweden in the game adds three World Congress competitions in the Industrial Era called the Nobel Prize.

Unique Unit: Carolean – Replaces the Pike and Shot. It’s not only faster, but it converts each unused Movement into +3 Combat Strength.

Unique Improvement: Queen’s Bibliotheque – Is built in the Government Plaza. Provides two slots of Writing, Music, and any type of Art. It also automatically awards one Governor Title.

Unique Improvement: Open-Air Museum – Builders can construct this tile improvement which provides two Loyalty per turn in the city it is in. There’s a bonus of two Culture and two Tourism for each type of terrain (Snow, Tundra, Desert, Plains, or Grasslands) that a Swedish city has been founded on.

Limited to one per city and tiles that have the improvement can not be swapped.

Leader Agenda: Bibliophile – Tries to collect as many Great Works as possible. Likes those that don’t try to collect them. Dislikes civilizations with lots of Great Works.

Two More Civilizations To Come…

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