How to Change Your Appearance in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise has finally released, so it’s time to pick up your favorite weapon, don some absolutely marvelous-looking armor, and start slaying giant beasts. Similar to previous Monster Hunter titles, players will get to design their own hunter which is tasked with bringing down large creatures to forge better gear. Despite all of the features to help ease new players into the game, Monster Hunter Rise still buries some information under a mountain of menus. One of these is how to change your character’s appearance beyond giving them a fancy new set of armor.

How to Change Your Appearance

To change your appearance, approach any Item Box in Kamura. These can be found in a number of different places throughout the village such as the main square and where you pick up quests. When you approach an Item Box, press A to interact with it and then select Appearance Settings > Change Appearance. This will open up the original character creation screen from the start of the game. From here you can alter your hairstyle, makeup, facial hair, eyebrows, base clothing, and voice.

You’ll notice this doesn’t include any physical changes to your character’s body. This used to be permanent throughout all of Monster Hunter Rise. Once you decided your hunter’s gender and the shape of their body, you were locked in. With the release of Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 on April 28, however, all players are given a free edit voucher to change your appearance completely. Once. From there you can purchase more vouchers from the Nintendo eShop. Make sure you’re happy with your hunter’s general physical appearance before starting the game. Otherwise, the cost of changes will add up over time.

This shouldn’t be too big of a deal since your face is only revealed for cutscenes and most of the armor will obscure your general look.

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How to Change Your Palicoes and Palimutes Appearance

As for Palico and Palamute lovers out there, this is also locked upon completing the character creation portion of Monster Hunter Rise. Both the look and support type cannot be altered in any way. And if you want to apply any Layered Armor, gear, or just buff your animal companion’s skills you’ll need to go to the Buddy Board.

You can find the Buddy Board in the middle of Kamura’s main square right next to the item box. This will be a tall sign with a bunch of colorful symbols on it and should be next to a carved cat statue. You will be given the option to Select Buddies, Buddy Skills, Palamute Gear, Behavior, Manage Equipment, Appearance Settings, Layered Armor Settings, and Dismiss Buddy. While this does offer a menu called Appearance Settings, the only thing you can actually alter is your armor’s color. Similar to your physical appearance, make sure you are really happy with your companion’s looks before venturing out into Monster Hunter Rise.

However, you can always acquire different buddies by visiting the Buddy Scout, Lori. Located in the Buddy Plaza, Lori will have a constantly rotating selection of Palicoes and Palimutes. The stock will always refresh after you complete a quest, so make sure to check back frequently if you want a different-looking companion. Additionally, this is where you can change your Buddy’s name and specify certain qualities you want so Lori’s stock will be more focused. While you can’t change your original buddy’s looks, this is a slightly awkward alternative for changing your companion’s appearance.


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