Cephlite Resonance Puzzle Solution – Warframe Nightwave Series 3 Guide

Need the answers to the jumping puzzle in this season of Nightwave? We have a Warframe guide for that!

Nightwave Series 3 puts a new puzzle in Warframe — and you’re probably looking for the answers and overall solution. Fear not, though, since we can help! But we should warn you ahead of time that there is no perfect answer to the puzzle. You’ll see what we mean when we take a look at the Cephalite Resonance puzzle solutions in Warframe deeper down in this handy guide.

Speaking of Cephalite Resonance: the whole jumping puzzle we’re discussing follows on after you collect the stuff. You need to begin The Glassmaker story, in which you investigate a murder scene. The location will be littered with semi-random objects — and a glassy corpse. You’ll have to look around on the ground for various items like data pads, Ayatan stars, weapons, and notes. Collecting all five will then trigger a change in the petrified body. Their head will start to glow, allowing you to enter the Weave, the Warframe world’s version of the internet. That’s when the first Nightwave Series 3 puzzle can begin.

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Before that, though, you need 10 Cephalite Resonance. We’ve got a guide on how and where to find that. But we also recommend farming another 20, or even 30 Cephalite Resonance ahead of time if you can. Starting the Nightwave puzzle isn’t free! And failing will automatically cost you all of your Cephalite Resonance. You’ll need to start again and pay another 10 unit toll to enter. And while the puzzle isn’t terribly hard, it is timed, with just 60 seconds on the clock. Slipping up just once is the end.

The timer begins only a few seconds after you spend your Cephalite Resonance. At which point, the Glassmaker themself will start to explain their motives and taunt you. They’ll ask questions, too, but don’t be fooled! The questions don’t have any impact on the answers to the puzzle you’re about to solve.

Instead, the solution for each phase of the puzzle is also semi-random. You will be presented with three floating platforms surrounding the one where you start. Each will come with a floating word or image over it. The answer to the puzzle is to always choose which of the three platforms matches one of the clues you picked up in the simulation earlier.

Warframe Nightwave Puzzle Solution

For example, one of the clues during our playthrough included a data pad from Baro Ki’Teer: the time-limited merchant that appears in Warframe relays from time to time. It even had his photo. Then, during the jumping puzzle, three platforms appeared with three different faces — including Baro. That meant the correct answer was to jump on the plate showing Baro Ki’Teer. Another set of three showed various weapons, including a curved sword. We found a curved sword in our diorama. So we jumped on the one with that item.

None of the other answers will appear in your clues. So the answer to the Nightwave Cephalite Resonance puzzle is as simple as memorizing the five key images, words, and names strewn about your personal crime scene. Names and words, in particular, will be highlighted in the notes you find as clues, so they’re not hard to puzzle out. The trick is actually remembering what those key phrases are! We recommend writing down any highlighted word or image you see in your clues, just to be safe.

Once you reach the last major platform, the timer stops immediately. And you can simply interact with the big, floating rock to return to reality. Congrats! You just found the solution to your particular Nightwave puzzle.

You don’t go unrewarded for the Glassmaker puzzle, either. You’ll get a bit more story and dialogue from the killer about their motives and history. The extra 7000 Nightwave Series 3 standing you get isn’t bad either. Good luck with the hopping!


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