Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 Guide – All Season 5 Map Changes

Season 5 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is officially live and it’s bringing some big significant changes to Warzone’s map. Teased several weeks ago via brief video clips sent to various streamers and influencers within the community. Speculation of what was coming spread like wildfire as many believed the map was either getting hit by a nuke or some areas would open up. While there’s no fire and ash, two key locations have been massively expanded, along with some other very noticeable map alterations.

If you’re dropping into Season 5 for the first time, here is every map change that came to Warzone today.

Warzone Map Changes


The most obvious and biggest change comes to Stadium. Previously a massively awkward building you could only run around, Infinity Ward has made the entire structure explorable. There are multiple levels to the interior, with the massive field in the middle currently acting as a military outpost. Players can venture into the stands, the concession areas, and various hallways running around the building’s perimeter. Unlike before, Stadium also features the new exterior repel cables along certain points outside of the structure. Similar to the ones found in elevators, these cables can be used to ascend to the roof of Stadium, allowing you to deal with pesky campers.

Of all the alterations, Stadiums will end up being the most impactful. It’s a dynamic location that will challenge teams to fight across different floors. If you are landing here, I recommend not diving right for the center, as it’s always filled with people. Instead, try to drop around the exterior so you can safely head inside and gear up.

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Train Station

Another Point of Interest alteration, Train Station now has… well, an actual station you can enter! While the entire structure isn’t explorable, the eastern portion now has an interior you can roam around in. Broken up across two stories, Train Station features multiple shops and some decent cover for players to hide in. There are multiple access points, but the quickest is via the roof of the eastern building. There’s a skylight you can hop through that lets you instantly enter the interior. I don’t see this being a game-changer, but it will hopefully reduce the number of people just sitting on the roof shooting down at teams rotating into the circle.

Armored Trains and Grapple Points

Tied to Train Station, a new armor train will now follow the tracks along the western side of the map. Boasting multiple high tier loot boxes and ammo cache, this train is absolutely loaded with gear if you manage to land on it. Keep in mind, the train always starts at Train Station and you will be able to track where it’s going via your map. Keep in mind, the train moves rather slow so you can easily get ahead of it with a vehicle. Just make sure not to be in front of it, as it will kill you if you’re struck. This map addition is a neat little gimmick that will certainly factor into some cool highlight clips. However, there are much better methods of outrunning the gas.

Players can also find various exterior grapple points throughout the map. These are designed so players can rapidly ascend to the roof, without using the elevator or stairs. Given how prevalent building snipers are in Warzone, this might help add a little more risk to just sitting on the 56th floor of a structure. Even though I doubt it will remove it completely, they are a nice addition you can find scattered throughout the map.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Season 5 is officially live on PC, PS4, and Xbox One!


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