Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Locations Guide – Caldera’s Best Drop Spots

This isn’t the Call of Duty: Warzone we used to know. It’s now in the Pacific — more specifically, the Caldera. Operatives have been tasked with investigating this mysterious island outside of Verdansk. Naturally, that means you’ll be learning a completely new map, including the best drop spots to set yourself up for success in the late-game.

Here is a guide on some of the best drop spots in the Caldera and what makes each of them worth considering as a destination.

What To Look for in a Drop Spot

What players consider a good drop spot can differ on a number of factors such as skill level and playstyle. Some might wonder where to land to quickly find the best loot, contracts, and other important resources as soon as possible. Some might want to fight. Some might just want to know what else is out there in the drop spots they haven’t explored yet.

However, some points are inarguably helpful for anyone. These are just a few things to keep in mind when judging the best drop spots:

  • Loot – Call of Duty: Warzone chests offer supplies at random, so it’s best to have access to as many as you can. That way, you and your squad can find armor, equipment, and reasonable starting weapons as soon as possible.
  • Buildings and POIs – Think of it this way: At some drop spots, like the Ruins, the loot is just on the ground. Buildings tend to have more loot because of the multiple floors. It’s like having two to three times more loot in the same area. Plus, the buildings and POIs offer more coverage than open fields.
  • Contracts – It’s best to complete a contract or two early to earn money for preferred loadouts and equipment.
  • Engagement – Some people want to drop with tons of other players so that they can pick off a few right away. Others don’t, so we’ll be sure to note less busy options in our picks, too.

Best Drop Spots in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific

The Call of Duty blog outlines the main areas of the new map in 15 sections, each with their own name. These names mirror how the areas are labeled in the in-game map. If you look closely, you can also see the little orange dots that represent the island’s points of interest (POIs). Most areas have a decent number of these dots scattered throughout, but some are more concentrated than others.

Here are our top Call of Duty: Warzone drop spots for those diving into the Caldera.

Most POIs: Capital

Capital is stacked with POIs and loot, making it one of the hottest drop spots in Warzone Pacific. Unfortunately, this also means anyone dropping there should expect instant engagement. Land as quickly as possible or someone might shoot you out of the sky before you have the chance to fight back. Thankfully, it isn’t difficult to find a good gun right away.

For lower-traffic areas similar to the Capital, try Resort and Power Plant. These areas border the Capital and hold a reasonable amount of loot without the same level of danger as their hot spot neighbor. You can also easily rotate to the Capital later in the game because of how close they all are. From our experience, Power Plant tends to be less busy than Resort.

Most Planes: Airfield

It’s called Airfield for a reason. Airfield is the best drop spot for a chance at grabbing a plane. Multiple planes spawn in the hangars each game, waiting for soldiers to scuffle over the pilot’s seats. However, even if you aren’t interested in the plane, there’s enough loot in the surrounding buildings that you definitely won’t leave empty-handed.

Players have also reported finding planes at the Arsenal and Runway, so you can look for them there if you don’t want to compete with as many people for a plane. However, these areas have about one plane available at a time. Runway, in particular, doesn’t have as much loot, so it’s not the best place to go to unless you really want to hunt for a plane that may or may not be there.

Most Loot: Arsenal

Arsenal, like the name might suggest, hides tons of weapons and equipment inside its warehouses. You can count on abundant weapons, cash, and contracts to fill your wallet for late-game. However, this also makes it a hotspot for Call of Duty: Warzone veterans who don’t mind taking out a couple players right away. The Docks and Mines are less crowded options for those who want to take their time looking for loot and exploring before getting into a gunfight.

Highest Point: Peak

Peak is the highest point of Caldera, a.k.a. the crater at the top of the volcano. Players can drop onto a bunch of environmentally different spots like the craggy rocks, station tents, and even the larger research facility composed of cylindrical buildings. There are even some underground areas beneath the rocky surfaces. Once the area is looted out, players can also easily parachute down into one of the surrounding areas to continue their battle inland.

Largest Area: Fields

Fields might not be much of a “drop spot” as much as it is a collection of them. It’s a large section of the map with more than 20 POIs scattered across the area. Players could spend the majority of the game here without worrying about loot and still engage with plenty of players as the yellow gas draws them closer to the center. It’s also easy to access – it sits at the center of the map, sandwiched between hotspots like Peak and Capital.

These are our best drop spots for Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific. Try them for yourself to see what works best for you, and come back if you need more intel.