Call of Duty: Warzone Crossplay Guide – How to Turn Off Crossplay

Are you sick of being shot through a wall? Has the constant influx of people instantly killing you with impossible aim got you down? If you’re on console then get ready to breathe a sigh of relief because you can ditch those troublesome hackers. Sorry PC people, we kind of have to just deal with them for the time being.

Hacking in Call of Duty: Warzone has become a major issue that fans have been quite vocal about since the game mode released.  It’s gotten so bad, that developer Infinity Ward had to ban 90,000 hackers and force them into their own game where the only other players are cheaters. This has made a lot of players, especially those on console, not want to deal with the influx of cheating users. Supporting crossplay since launch, Modern Warfare allows PC, PS4, and Xbox One users to play with anyone on these platforms. Yet, if you’re tired of dealing with hackers here’s a quick way to turn off crossplay for all systems.

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How to Turn off Crossplay

If you want to turn off crossplay, go to the Main Menu and then select Options in the bottom left corner. Once you open up this menu, select the Account tab and you will see Crossplay at the very top. Select Disable to no loner support crossplay on your version of Modern Warfare. This will ensure that you can only play and be matched with people using the same console as you. You cannot disable crossplay if you are in a match, game lobby, or have signed up for a tournament.

Turning off crossplay does not stop you from using a controller if you’re on a PC, but you might have a harder time against all the mouse and keyboard users. Given the influx of hackers on PC, it’s no surprise that console players want to cut and run. It’s a major issue, especially since the Warzone game mode is completely free. This allows players who are banned to just make new accounts or keep trying since there’s no financial risk to them.

However, if you’re someone who plays the standard multiplayer modes rather than Warzone than you don’t have too much to fear. Hacking is nowhere near as bad and it’s pretty infrequent you come across one in a game like Ground War or Team Deathmatch. But the option is still there if you don’t feel like competing against players from other systems. It’s unclear when Infinity Ward will get a real handle on the hacking situation in Warzone, but we suspect it will take some time. Given the game is free, there will almost always be an influx of people trying to cheat the system.