Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Officer Ranks Guide – Prestige System Replacement

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out next week—no, not the one from 2007. Infinity Ward has a whole bunch of changes planned including a departure from the old Prestige System that we’ve come to know over the last decade and some. Replacing them is an all new Seasonal Officer Ranks system. How does this system work? What about progression unlocks? Are there rewards? This Modern Warfare Officer Ranks guide will run down all the info you need to know!

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Modern Warfare Enlisted Ranks

Remember the old Call of Duty multiplayer ranks? Where you would unlock more loadout options, killstreaks, weapons, and more? Those still exist! The initial progress from Level 1 to Level 55 is pretty much the same. As per usual you earn XP through normal gameplay including:

  • Completing multiplayer matches and special ops missions.
  • Daily Challenges
  • Challenge Missions (Must be activated via the Barracks)
  • Camo Challenges

How much XP will you need? About how much time will it take to hit max rank? We don’t know just yet. Check back later!

Modern Warfare Officer Ranks

In the old Call of Duty system, once you hit Rank 55 you’d be prompted to Prestige, resetting your rank to Level 1 and starting everything over again. This process included unlocking all of the weapons, killstreaks, and more over and over again. Longtime fans will remember losing access to some of the best weapons in the game just so they can continue their Prestige grind. This process has been eliminated with the new Officer Ranks system.

Officer Ranks are a new seasonal system with 100 ranks and cosmetic rewards.

You’ll also gain access to Officer Rank Challenges. Each time you rank up your Officer Rank, you’ll earn a special Officer Challenge. These are similar to Daily Challenges in difficulty, but rewards “plenty of XP” and a Seasonal Ribbon. These ribbons unlock upgrades to your seasonal emblem, evolving with every ten ribbons you collect. Players will receive a cosmetic weapon blueprint at Officer Rank 1 and Rank 100 each season.

At the end of each season, your current ranks are recorded and everyone’s Officer Rank is reset. Each season has it’s own progression track with changing rewards, missions, and more.

Modern Warfare Battle Pass

Keep in mind that this is entirely separate from the new Battle Pass system. For each season you can also buy a Battle Pass with premium themed rewards for the current season. As per usual, there is a free and a premium track.

The Battle Pass system will not be available at launch. Instead it’ll come online later in 2019. When that goes live we will, of course, have a guide up for it!

And that’s all we know right now! We’ll be updating this guide with specifics including notable rewards and tips for ranking up as fast as possible. Once you get to the Officer Ranks you can say goodbye to the old process of Prestiging over and over again. Anyone else excited?