Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Best Killstreaks Guide – What Killstreaks To Use

Infinity Ward’s latest military shooter is a return to the studio’s roots in a number of ways. In addition to bringing back the Modern Warfare name, old favorite characters like Captain Price and nods to famous missions like All Ghillied Up, the new Modern Warfare returns to the Killstreak system that Call of Duty 4 pioneered over a decade ago. But which Killstreaks are the best? Our Modern Warfare Killstreaks Guide will help you pick the right ones for you.

Modern Warfare Killstreaks — Our Picks

Best Low Level Pick (3-4 kills)

Care Package: With the sound of footsteps in Modern Warfare currently mixed loud enough to wake the dead, there’s a good chance you know when someone is in your immediate vicinity. As a result, the Personal Radar, UAV and Counter UAV are less useful than they would otherwise be. As a result, our pick goes to the Care Package. This one isn’t perfect — the goodies are randomized after all — but for this class of lowly picks, we’ll take concrete supplies over intel.

If you want something more reliable, opt for good old UAV.

Best Mid Level Pick (5-7 Kills)

Precision Airstrike: Tanks and Large Adult Wheelsons are great for hitting a certain area of the battlefield. The Cruise Missile is handy for precision strikes on one or two enemy combatants. But, the Precision Airstrike does the work for you, hammering opponents in an area of your choosing.

Best High-Level Pick (8-10 Kills)

Chopper Gunner: Care Packages are great and all (see above), but the Chopper Gunner gives you freedom to bring death from above. But, be warned: up in the air, it’s easy for soldiers with rocket launchers to see you and bring you down. Make sure you see them first.

Best Really High-Level Pick (11-12 Kills)

Gunship: Like the Chopper Gunner, but faster, the Gunship is the best way to rain bring death from the wild blue yonder.

Best Really, Really High-Level Pick (15 Kills)

Juggernaut: It’s the only one. We hear it’s very good.

Modern Warfare Cross Platform Play 2

Modern Warfare Killstreaks — Full List

  • Personal Radar (3 kills) – This loyal drone floats above your head and pings nearby enemies.
  • Counter UAV (4 kills) – This drone is a big screw you to anyone using the UAV, scrambling signals and turning off mini-maps.
  • UAV (4 kills) – This recon ship will enable the map for you and all your allies, allowing you to see your opponents’ positions.
  • Care Package (4 kills) – This one lets you call in a care package with a random killstreak to your location. Contents are weighted towards lower value killstreaks.
  • Cluster Strike (5 kills) – With a laser pointer, direct a cluster of mortars dropped on a position in your line-of-sight.
  • Cruise Missile (5 kills) – This one lets you control a cruise missile and boost it into your enemies.
  • Precision Airstrike (5 kills) – This one calls in two jets, which will shoot hostiles in an area in your line-of-sight.
  • Wheelson (7 kills) – Almost a tank!
  • Infantry Assault Vehicle (7 kills) – A tank. Call it in then drive the tank and blast enemies with the .50 cal machine gun on top.
  • Emergency Airdrop (8 kills) – This Killstreak will bring three care packages right to a marker you set.
  • VTOL Jet (8 kills) – This one fires off a missile barrage as it enters the airspace above the battlefield then guards a location of your choosing.
  • Chopper Gunner (10 kills) – With Chopper Gunner, you can fly a chopper boasting a turret and land-to-air missiles.
  • White Phosphorus (10 kills) – Using this chemical is a war crime, but in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare it’s a Killstreak that covers a strip of the battlefield with canisters that release disorienting white gas. They’ll burn anyone who gets too close.
  • Support Helo (11 kills) – Calls in an attack helicopter that will fire heavy artillery at anything that moves. Everything, that is, except you and your team.
  • Gunship (12 kills) – This heavy assault gunship comes with three types of ammunition you can use to lay waste to the battlefield from the air.
  • Advanced UAV (12 kills) – This UAV not only reveals enemies locations, but also the direction they’re facing. They become guards, and you become Solid Snake stealthing past vision cones. Only lasts for half of a minute or so, we don’t recommend it.
  • Juggernaut (15 kills) – This one lets you call in a Juggernaut care package, complete with heavy armor and a big ass mini-gun.
  • Nuke (30 kills) – If you can manage to get 30 kills before it all catches up with you, have yourself a game-ending nuke. You don’t need to have the nuke equipped to become death, the destroyer of worlds.

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