Bravely Default 2 Vanguard Job Guide – Abilities, Proficiencies, & More

Bravely Default 2 is here and that means it’s once again time to try and familiarize yourself with the plentiful Job options. If you’ve played Final Fantasy 14 or other Square Enix games, you’re likely used to this definition of Jobs, but those who aren’t might be a bit confused. In this guide, we’ll quickly explain jobs and sub-jobs before diving into the specifics of the Vanguard Job in Bravely Default 2.

What’s a Job and a Sub-Job?

A Job is your character’s main class. It’s what determines your stats, which equipment you’re proficient with, and what skills you have access to. A sub-job is essentially you’re secondary class. The difference is you only gain access to it skills. The stats and weapon proficiencies it comes with do not carry over.

Because of this it’s possible to make a Vanguard which has the healing abilities of a White Mage or a Monk which also has some of the highly damaging abilities of a Black Mage.

Vanguard Information

Out of all of the basic classes, Vanguard is essentially the tank, focused on absorbing damage. It also gets a special bonus which allows it to ignore the penalties that normally come with equipping a shield.

Specialty #1: Shield-Bearer – Equipping a shield does not negatively affect speed, aim, or evasion.

Specialty #2: ??? – Unlocked at Job Level 12.

Special Ability: Fault Line – Strike a single enemy with a powerful earth-imbued physical attack.

  • Bonus Effects:
    • Physical Defense +30%
  • Conditions:
    • Use Heroics x 13

Vanguard Weapon Proficiencies

The Vanguard specializes and getting up close and personal. That means being extra great at axes and good with swords and shields though it can also wield polearms.

  • Swords: A
  • Daggers: D
  • Axes: S
  • Polearms: B
  • Bows: E
  • Staves: E
  • Shields: A

Vanguard Abilities

The Vanguard Job can earn the following abilities as it levels up. Most of its abilities focus on reducing the damage of foes, delaying their turns, and absorbing damage.

  1. Cross Cut (18 MP) – Perform two physical attacks on a target in quick succession.
  2. Shield Bash (10% HP) – Use equipped shield to perform an earth-imbued physical attack on a target and slightly delay their next turn.
  3. Defang (12 MP) – Perform a physical attack on a target and decrease their physical attack by 7% for five turns. Stats cannot be reduced below 65% of their base value.
  4. Skull Bash (12 MP) – Perform a weak physical attack on a target and decrease their magical attack by 7% for five turns. Stats cannot be reduced below 65% of their base value.
  5. Pain into Gain (1 Cost) – Taking damage in battle while not Defaulting has a roughly 30% chance of increasing physical attack power by 1-3%.
  6. Aggravate – Increase the user’s likelihood of being targeted by 25% for three turns. Stats cannot be increased beyond 200% of their base value.
  7. Sword of Stone (26 MP) – Perform a powerful earth-imbued physical attack on a target.
  8. Shield Stun (25% HP) – Use equipped shield to perform a quick physical attack on a target and significantly delay their next turn.
  9. Defensive Offense (1 Cost) – Performing an attack with a weapon equipped will cause all damage to the user to be reduced to 70% until their next turn.
  10. Enrage (24 MP) – Guarantee that an enemy’s next two actions will be aimed at the user.

That’s it for now! We’re still working our way through Bravely Default 2 and plan on adding more information to our guides as we go along. Make sure to check back later to see what we’ve added!