Bravely Default 2 Freelancer Job Guide – Abilities, Proficiencies, & More

Get your 1099s ready, folks.

Bravely Default 2 is here and that means it’s once again time to try and familiarize yourself with the plentiful Job options. If you’ve played Final Fantasy 14 or other Square Enix games, you’re likely used to this definition of Jobs, but those who aren’t might be a bit confused. In this guide, we’ll quickly explain jobs and sub-jobs before diving into the specifics of the Freelancer Job in Bravely Default 2.

What’s a Job and a Sub-Job?

A Job is your character’s main class. It’s what determines your stats, which equipment you’re proficient with, and what skills you have access to. A sub-job is essentially you’re secondary class. The difference is you only gain access to it skills. The stats and weapon proficiencies it comes with do not carry over.

Because of this it’s possible to make a Vanguard which has the healing abilities of a White Mage or a Monk which also has some of the highly damaging abilities of a Black Mage.

Freelancer Information

The Freelancer is basically the default all-around class in Bravely Default 2. This makes it okay at everything, but the best at nothing. For new players, the Stand Ground specialty may seem fantastic, but the goal is never to let your health get that low anyway.

Specialty #1: Stand Ground – Roughly 50% chance of surviving with one HP when taking enough damage to be knocked out. This ability will not be triggered if the user has one HP.

Specialty #2: ??? – Unlocked at Job Level 12.

Special Ability: All-Out Assault – Strike a single enemy with a powerful attack.

  • Bonus Effects:
    • Physical Attack +20%
    • Magical Attack +20%
  • Conditions:
    • Use Attack Command x 12

Freelancer Weapon Proficiencies

The Freelancer is average at every weapon type, but above average with shields. Basically, you can use what you want.

  • Swords: C
  • Daggers: C
  • Axes: C
  • Polearms: C
  • Bows: C
  • Staves: C
  • Shields: B

Freelancer Abilities

The Freelancer Job can earn the following abilities as it levels up. They’re a bit all over the place, but they primarily focus on helping you navigate the world and gather information about your foes. Again, as a whole, they’re weak. There are some good tools but there are much better options in the other classes.

  1. Examine – Reveal an enemy’s HP, weaknesses, and family.
  2. Treat (20 MP) – Restore 20% of a target’s HP and 10% of their MP.
  3. Divining Rod (1 Cost) – Displays the number of unopened treasure chests nearby.
  4. Forage – Search for items. The items found will depend on the user’s job level.
  5. Dungeon Master (1 Cost) – Nullifies all terrain-inflicted damage.
  6. Lucky Charm (15 MP) – Increase a target’s luck for five turns.
  7. Self-Healing (1 Cost) – Cures poison, blindness, and silence when battle ends.
  8. Purge (20 MP) – Remove berserk, confusion, dread, charm, and doom from a target.
  9. JP Up (1 Cost) – JP earned is increased by a multiple of 1.2.
  10. Square One (28 MP) – Remove various status effects from a target.

That’s it for now! We’re still working our way through Bravely Default 2 and plan on adding more information to our guides as we go along. Make sure to check back later to see what we’ve added!


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