Bowser’s Fury Fort Flaptrap Cat Shard Guide – Where to Find all 5 Shards

Super Mario 3D World has released on the Nintendo Switch and it’s bringing with it a new experience called Bowser’s Fury. Instead of forcing players down a rigid, linear experience, Bowser’s Fury tasks Mario with exploring a decent sized chain of islands to help defeat the corrupted Bowser. While you’ll need to obtain various Cat Shines (Bowser’s Fury equivalent of Stars), Mario will also have to hunt down five Cat Shards in each location. Obtaining all these will award players with a Cat Shine, so it’s definitely worth hunting them down.

Here’s where to find all five Cat Shards in Fort Flaptrap:

Fort Flaptrap Cat Shards

Shard 1

The first one will be right in front of you when you enter. You’ll see a bunch of red and blue flippers that rotate whenever Mario jumps. On the right flipper, the Cat Shard will be linked to the red side of the flipper. Jump up the flippers until the one with the shard rotates so it’s facing upright. If you’re having trouble traversing the flippers, climb to the top and keep jumping until the Cat Shard isn’t upsidedown. Now just fall (not jump) onto it to collect it.

Shard 2

Your second Cat Shard is located right behind the lighthouse. You won’t need to take out the Cat Bullies, but you can quickly kill them by grabbing the Star in the hidden box on the right. Regardless if you leave them alone or not, run to the other side of the caged floor and behind the lighthouse to find the shard.

Shard 3

From the lighthouse, jump down to the left side of the beach. There will be some trees around a bunch of blocks with Bowser’s face on them. On top of the tree directly behind these blocks is a Cat Shard so quickly climb up it to grab this collectible.

Shard 4

This one is even easier to find since it’s right along the shoreline of the beach. From the entrance, head right along the beach until you reach the speed pad near some trees. The Cat Shard will between these trees and very difficult to miss.

Shard 5

This is the hardest one to find if you don’t have a keen eye. From the entrance of Fort Flaptrap, head left along the wall. Run past the signs that are pointing in the opposite direction and approach the stone wall. Now you’ll either need the Cat, Fire Flower, or Boomerang power-up. If you don’t have one, there is a Cat suit in the trees by Shard 3. You’ll see two breakable brown blocks that are blocking an opening just big enough for Mario to squeeze through. Bust it open and run inside to grab the final Cat Shard in this area. If you’ve been following along, this should help power-up the Lighthouse so you can attack Bowser. It will also give you enough power to use the Cat Giga Shrine in the center.