Bloons TD 6 Hero Guide: All Heroes List, Upgrades

A Bloonful of heroes.

Heroes in Bloons TD 6 are powerful units that can supplement a strategy with their unique abilities. Maybe you have a few low-damage towers that need leveling up — Pat Fusty can boost their damage and stun Bloons that make their way towards him. Or maybe you need some AoE damage to help get through some later stages — setting up a Gwendolin at the primary chokepoint is a fantastic solution. If you want to choose the right Hero for your strategy, take a look at our Hero Guide for Bloons Tower Defense 6 down below.

Bloons TD 6 Hero List


An archer monkey with a compound bow, Quincy is the starting Hero of the game — but don’t let that fool you into thinking he’s weak. He’s cheap enough to place first in all game modes, something many Heroes on this list cannot do. Quincy is a fantastic early game clearer, and morphs into a high-damage DPS unit near the end of games. He has no real synergy requirements with any other unit, existing purely as an addition to your DPS.

  • Level 3: Rapid Shot — Triple attack speed for a short time.
  • Level 5: Gains Camo Detection.
  • Level 10: Storm of Arrows — Creates an AoE damage zone for three seconds.


Fire solves most problems in the Bloons world, aside from Purple Bloons that is. Gwendolin is a problem-solver, and uses her flamethrower and Cocktail of Fire to crowd control the incoming Bloons. She also comes equipped with a passive buff called Heat It Up, giving +1 layer pop to nearby towers, making her an excellent addition for tower strategies that lack layer pop options.

  • Level 3: Cocktail of Fire — Creates a pitch of fire that lasts for 12 seconds, burning all Bloons that pass through it.
  • Level 4: Heat It Up — Every 40 shots Gwendolin makes grants +1 Layer Pierce to surrounding towers for eight seconds. Nearby towers can also pop Lead Balloons when buffed.
  • Level 10: Firestorm — Map-wide AoE that sets all Bloons on fire with a stronger Burn effect. Also grants Heat It Up to all Towers on the map.

Striker Jones

Do you like missiles and bombs? Striker Jones is your Hero. A support-oriented choice, Striker Jones’ primary role is stunning groups of Bloons and providing ample passive support to Bomb Shooters and Mortar Monkeys. This is great for setting up masses of Moab Maulers for late-game sweeps.

  • Level 3: Concussive Shell — Deals low damage to the largest Bloon on the screen, while also stunning and dealing low damage to everything within a small explosive radius.
  • Level 10: Artillery Command — Resets cooldown on all Bomb Shooters and Mortar Monkeys.

Obyn Greenfoot

The druid monkey Obyn Greenfoot is an easy to use, if somewhat weaker, Hero choice. Obyn can clear the early stages with little issue, but once the mid-game hits his DPS takes a nosedive. Instead, Obyn shifts towards being mainly supportive of specific towers, namely Magic Monkeys. When combined with Poplust Druids he can clear a lot of Bloons in a quick amount of time.

  • Level 3: Brambles — Places a spiked bush on the track that can pop 50 Bloons. These pop Camo Bloons, but Lead Bloons are immune. The bushes last two minutes or two rounds.
  • Level 4: Nature’s Ward Totem — Places a totem on the track that slows Bloons near it by 30% (15% for MOAB-class Bloons).
  • Level 10: Wall of Trees — Summons a wall of trees that destroy all Bloons attempting to pass through it. When the trees are full, they explode into Bananas of money.

Captain Churchill

Maybe you don’t want any support — there are plenty of Support Towers after all, and maybe you just want to make things explode real good. Captain Churchill is the Hero with the highest DPS gain per level, and scales incredibly well into the late game. Due to how his explosions work, it’s best to utilize him on parts of the map with long sight-lines down lanes.

  • Level 3: Armor-Piercing Shells — When activated, shells explode repeatedly up to twice. Churchill’s attacks also pop Black Bloons and deal bonus damage to Ceramic or stronger Bloons.
  • Level 5: Machine Gun — Passively gains a mini-machine gun that always targets the first Bloon within range.
  • Level 10: MOAB Barrage — Launches a torrent of missiles that auto-target on the ten strongest Bloons on the map. Maximum of 16 shots.


Are you strapped for cash? Benjamin is a money-making machine, granting passive income bonuses as well as passive round-starting cash. There is an unfortunate side effect, however.Benjamin’s DPS is non-existent and Biohack is a worse version of Heat It Up. Bloon Trojan can shut down spam waves easily, however, making Benjamin a solid choice for non-C.H.I.M.P.S. stages.

  • Level 3: Biohack — Grants +1 Pierce to the four closest Monkeys for six seconds, but disables them for two seconds after the effect ends.
  • Level 7: Bloon Trojan — Sends a virus that prevents Bloons from spawning children and grants +1 bonus cash for each layer. However, many stronger Bloons such as BFBs, ZOMGs, and Boss Bloons are unaffected.
  • Level 10: Syphon Funding — For ten seconds, downgrades all newly spawned Bloons aside from DDTs, BADs, and Boss Bloons by one rank. Downgraded Bloons grant double cash.


Practitioners of dark magic rejoice: you have a kindred spirit in Ezili, the voodoo monkey. A damage-over-time oriented Hero, Ezili shines in the late-game, specializing in the destruction of MOAB-class Bloons. Ezili also can provide Camo and Lead popping support early on.

  • Level 3: Heartstopper — Nullifies Regrow effects for six seconds.
  • Level 7: Sacrificial Totem — Grants a totem that provides AoE Camo Detection, +1 Pierce, bonus range, attack, and projectile speed. Lasts for 30 seconds, but costs 10 lives to use.
  • Level 10: MOAB Hex — Inflicts a hex on a MOAB-Class Bloon. The MOAB takes significant damage every second for 25 seconds, and while afflicted, prevents the MOAB from spawning children. If the Hex kills a MOAB, it will jump to an additional MOAB until the duration runs out.

Pat Fusty

The premiere support Hero, Pat Fusty provides incredible bonuses via Rallying Roar alongside strong knockback and stun effects that cannot be defended against. Pat does need support to stop Camo Bloons, but due to his versatility in placement, he is good on a wide variety of maps.

  • Level 3: Rallying Roar — All towers within the radius gain +1 Pierce for eight seconds.
  • Level 5: Slap — Every fifth hit, Pat will slap a group of Bloons with great force, sending them backwards along the track. This works on MOABs.
  • Level 6: Stun — Every attack from Pat will stun normal Bloons for a fraction of a second. Stacks with Slap.
  • Level 10: Big Squeeze — When activated, Pat grabs the strongest non-BAD Bloon for four seconds, destroying the upper layer. Spawned children are stunned for two seconds.


The Sun Goddess does not suffer Bloons in her domain. Adora is an offense-based Hero that lives and dies by her activated cooldowns. Her early game is strong, but her DPS nosedives around Round 40 without her cooldowns active. She should be paired with Sun Temples whenever possible, as her Blood Sacrifice ability affects them as well. Keep in mind that Adora needs to sacrifice Towers for bonus experience, as her base EXP costs to level are nearly double that of other Heroes.

  • Level 3: The Long Arm of Light — Adora gains double pierce, attack range, and can damage all Bloon types for ten seconds.
  • Level 7: Blood Sacrifice — Sacrifice a Tower for bonus XP and a bonus to attack range and attack cooldown for ten seconds. You gain four XP per $1 sacrificed. The bonuses to range and cooldown also affect nearby Sun Avatars or better.
  • Level 10: Ball of Light — Grants a passive attack to Adora in addition to her normal attack that has high fire rate and high pierce. Lasts for 12 seconds.

Admiral Brickell

The premiere choice for water stages, Admiral Brickell greatly empowers water-based Towers such as Sub Monkeys and Monkey Pirates. Outside of water stages, however, she’s practically useless.

  • Level 3: Naval Tactics — Greatly increases the attack speed of all Water Towers (including Admiral Brickell) for nine seconds.
  • Level 8: Naval Tactics Upgrade — Allows all Towers affected by Naval Tactics to hit all Bloon types, including Lead and Camo.
  • Level 10: Mega Mine — Deploys a mine to any water area on the map that explodes when a MOAB gets too close. The explosion damages all Bloons in an area and stuns any who survive. Mines last for four rounds.


A mid-to-late game Hero, Etienne uses a combination of drones and high-altitude surveillance craft to rain devastation down on the field. Due to the drone properties as well as the late game UCAV, be aware that Etienne does not pair well with stall strategies — the UCAV will pop Bloons automatically, so you cannot delay pops at all.

  • Level 3: Drone Swarm — Etienne launches four additional drones for nearly 20 seconds. These drones auto-target different Bloons individually.
  • Level 7, 11, 19: Additional Drone — Etienne gains +1 Drone at each of these levels.
  • Level 10: UCAV — The UCAV surveillance craft in the sky temporarily becomes a destructive force of nature, launching up to ten missiles on the map, all auto-targeted towards the first Bloon.


One of the weaker Hero choices in this list, Sauda is a melee Hero that has a very high Attack Speed and high Damage, but extremely low range. She only really shines on certain map types where the Bloons travel around her on all four sides. Sauda also needs support Bloons like the Glue Tower, and furthermore relies heavily on Towers that can pop Frozen and Lead Bloons.

  • Level 3: Leaping Sword Attack — Leaps and slams onto a target area, dealing AoE damage and leaving behind an afterimage of her weapons, which deal contact damage to Bloons that pass through.
  • Level 10: Sword Charge — Sauda charges along the entire track, popping Bloons along the route. Creates copies if there are multiple entrances or exits.


A support Hero, Psi has the unique ability to instakill Bloons after a lengthy animation. Psi’s main strengths come from the ability to stun any Bloon type on command, as well as completely clear the entire field of Bloons. While Psi needs DPS Towers to offset their low damage, the amount of crowd control Psi brings to the field is worth the tradeoff.

  • Level 1: Vibrations — Psi will target any Bloon except Lead, Purple, Ceramic, and MOABs with a series of vibrations that will, over time, kill the Bloon, regardless of layers. At higher levels, Psi can use this against all Bloon types, including MOABs.
  • Level 3: Psychic Blast — Psi stuns nearby Bloons for six seconds (1.5 seconds for MOABs). This attack affects all Bloons, regardless of Psi’s level.
  • Level 10: Psionic Scream — All Bloons on screen, up to 2000, are afflicted with Psionic Scream. This gives a 50% chance for the Bloon to either travel back to the beginning of the route or be destroyed via Vibrations.


It’s hard to boil Geraldo down to a few paragraphs. This multipurpose Hero is a shopkeeper that sells you useful items during the game. All of his items are helpfuland can supplement a wide range of strategies, making Geraldo the ultimate jack-of-all-trades Hero choice. However, do not take Geraldo into Deflation rounds, as you don’tt earn any additional income in that game mode.

Any buffs applied to Geraldo will affect his shop items, such as Shooty Turrets or the Killer Rabbit — including his own buffs, such as See Invisibility. Each level up to 13 unlocks new items for his shop, and every level beyond 13 empowers those items further. At level 20, Geraldo can sell you Paragon Power Totems, which empower your Paragon Towers — extremely useful for ultra late-game runs.