Black Cold War Safe House Code Guide – What is the Safe House Code?

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is officially live, so naturally it’s time to shoot a bunch of guns, blowing everything up, and embrace your 80s militaristic power fantasies. Taking the Call of Duty experience to next-gen, this entry includes a new campaign, multiplayer, weapons, maps, gadgets, killstreaks, and zombie maps for players to enjoy. Warzone also makes a return, fusing with Modern Warfares so all your progress, characters, and weapons carry over. Unlike previous games, there’s a heavier emphasis on obtaining all the collectibles and reading the various bits of lore scattered throughout.

This is because the new evidence system can alter how you approach a mission, making these items actually meaningful to hunt for. One of the earliest secrets you’ll come across is a locked room in your safe house. While it may seem inaccessible, you can actually hunt down the code to gain access to this area right away. Here’s the code, how to find it, and what’s inside this room.

Black Ops Cold War Safe Code

After you’re finished creating your characters, you’ll be introduced to the safe house. Think of this as Black Ops Cold War’s version of a hub world, as you will frequently return here to speak with colleagues, evaluate clues, or start missions. Curiously, there is also a locked room that requires a 6 digit code to open. Since we’re impatient Cold War operatives, we obviously want to get inside.

The code for this door is 112263

You uncover this code by piecing together the three pieces of paper scattered throughout the building. The first is the Clinical Report, which can be found directly to your left in the illuminated hallway. The Warren Commission is actually right outside the locked room next to the tipped over light and the Dallas Paper behind the corkboard in the open darkroom. You don’t need to find these pieces to get the code, but they are just some lore tidbits if you’re interested.

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Inside the locked room you will find a computer that you can interact with and an arcade cabinet. The latter is a neat throwback to game of this era, as there are complete versions of these arcade gems available to play When you arrive only Pitfall II will be unlocked, but others can be acquired via playing the campaign. These are hidden collectibles and definitely worth searching for if you’re itching to play some retro games. As for the computer, this is a throw back to the original Black Ops. You can actually play a text adventure game called Zork on this. Even if you’re on controller, Black Ops Cold War will bring up a keyboard interface you can interact with.

Again, all of this is completely optional, but if you want to liven up the safe house you might as well unlock the gate. Maybe a few rounds of Barnstorm will make you forget about all those illegal missions you went on.


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