BitLife Prison Escape Guide – How to Escape from Prison in Bitlife

BitLife is a fun game, where you can explore various what-if scenarios of life. For instance, what if I weren’t a college dropout and actually finished that law degree? What if I hadn’t joined the military and instead moved to Japan? What if I were actually a talented writer and didn’t leave a bunch of errors for my editor to fix?

Completely hypothetically, of course. [Editor’s Note: Thanks]

Anyways, Bitlife is a surprisingly deep game, with many checks required to reach certain achievements — and a lot of fun choices that may not necessarily end well for the player. In Bitlife, when you decide to make certain decisions, like, say, beating up random people or stealing from others, you can land yourself in prison. You could serve your time, or appeal your sentence, but TRUE DOOM MURDERHEADS will instead attempt to break out of prison.

There are two ribbons attached to escaping from prison: Jailbird and Houdini. Jailbird is achieved by entering and escaping prison for about four to five times before aging to death in prison. Houdini is achieved by entering and escaping prison approximately ten times before dying.

Escaping prison can be simple or difficult, depending on the level of security. Regularjail escapes are pretty easy, while supermax prisons require a lot of forethought and planning to avoid capture. The maps are randomized, and new maps are added periodically, however the rules for escape are the same — reach the end before the guard catches you. The guard will always move towards you, prioritizing horizontal movements. Furthermore, the guard moves two spaces for each one space you take. This prevents you from rushing the exit, requiring you to use the various dead ends and walls to trap the guard for your escape.

As you can see, the guard is blocked by a wall during my first move. The guard doesn’t change position due to his horizontal priority, however, the instant my character moves vertically, where the guard has room to move, he takes one step down and one step towards me. Predicting that the guard will take the shortest path towards my character, I move her behind a wall, which then blocks the guard from moving as I make my grand escape.

This can get much more complicated with the supermax prison escapes. You can access supermax prisons by committing particular heinous crimes multiple times in a row (for instance, multiple murders and jail escapes.) These maps are very large (8×8) compared to the lower security map above (4×5), however the rules for escape are the same.

Are you going to live your best life by escaping the law? Are you interested in living a life of crime and murdering others? That’s weird, but BitLife has you covered, you degenerate. Let us know about your terrible exploits down below!


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