Temtem Starters Guide: The Best Starter Temtem For Your Battle Style

It's all a matter of taste

Ah, your first starter Temtem. There’s nothing quite like it. It’s a pop-culture tradition established by the Pokémon franchise in the 90s that has, over time, become something of a rite of passage not only 90s kids but their kids, too. So back in the here and now, with Temtem’s first generation now on our screens, which is the best starter Temtem for you?

Unless you somehow got lost in the tiny town of Zadar, you’re free to wonder over to Prof. Konstantinos lab to pick out your very first Temtem within minutes of loading up the game. And, as you might expect, there are three very different Temtem to choose from. You can’t have Max’s “Yeah I just hacked this in” Digital-type Temtem they use to unceremoniously slaughter your choice the moment you leave, but the three you can choose are wide-eyed and ready for adventure; just as you should be.

Temtem starter Smazee


Smazee is a Melee-type players can choose as their starter Temtem. With its large orange fur covering its pale, nimble body, it best resembles a brightly colored monkey reinforced by its knack for “monkeying around.” Said to be cheerful playmates and babysitters, Smazee’s friendly nature spills into its battle capabilities.


  • Fever Rush: Being inflicted by a status condition increases this Temtem’s ATK by one stage
  • Friendship: This Temtem is immune to an ally’s offensive techniques


Smazee is the base stage of a three-stage evolutionary line. It can evolve into Baboong, but as of Alpha testing in early January 2020, its third and final evolution has not been revealed or added to the game.

Strategy and Stats

Smazee relies mostly on its ATK and SPD stats to deliver hard and fast blows to its enemies. With low defensive stats, the ability to boost its offensive stats, and access to the Vigorized condition when paired with another Melee-type Temtem, Smazee is a hyper-aggressive glass cannon creature. If given the time to apply its toolset, expect this one to sweep a team with ease.

Smazee suffers from having access to a few too many Special moves while lacking the SP ATK stat to make them worthwhile. They can help to catch more defense-minded targets off guard, thus wasting turns spent buffing their DEF stat, but it’s a rare use-case that might end up hogging a technique slot best used on something else

Temtem starter Houchic


Houchic, a Mental-type Temtem, is one of the more unique of the three Temtem starters. Its long white hair drapes off to either side to form thick horn-like locks with purple tips matching that of its body in color. Its large anime-like eyes and sharp brows convey confidence. Despite being unusually clever, it’s said to be somewhat naive in nature yet gentle enough for newer Temtem trainers to handle. Houchic appears to prefer to levitate rather than walk.


  • Mental Alliance: Increases SP ATK by 15% when paired with a Mental ally
  • Soft Touch: A Temtem with this trait won’t wake targets afflicted with Asleep targets with its attacks

Houchic Evolution

Houchic is the base stage of a three-stage evolutionary line. It evolves into Tental at level 29, but as of Alpha testing in early January 2020, its third and final evolution has not been revealed.

Strategy and Stats

Houchic gains access to a powerful Synergy move early on which, when paired with a Nature ally (of which there are many at the start of the game), can inflict the debilitating Exhausted effect on targets. Being able to inflict Asleep in two different ways over time, it can make great use of its own Soft Touch trait, too.

With middling defensive stats, it relies on status afflictions and its SP ATK and SPD stats to take out targets before they can strike back. Houchic requires great planning to make the most of its techniques and cover its weaknesses, so unless you’re a devout strategist, it’s best to look elsewhere.

Temtem starter Crystle


Described as closer to a mineral than a fauna, Crystle, as its name suggests, is a Crystal-type Temtem billed as an “excellent introductory” to its type for new tamers. At its core, Crystle appears to be a green-colored turtle. It’s the bulkiest choice of the three starters, making it a great way for more reserved tamers to hold their own in battle.

Crystle is a staple Crystal-type Temtem, demonstrating rock-solid defenses and solid physical damage capabilities—stat traits it takes with it as it evolves in Sherald.


  • Amphibian: When attacked with a Water technique, SPD increases by one stage.
  • Rested: Increases ATK and SPATK by 25% during the first two turns this Temtem is on the battlefield.

Crystle Evolution

Crystle is the base of a three-stage evolutionary line. It evolves into Sherald, but as of Alpha testing in early January 2020, its third and final evolution has not been revealed.

Strategy and Stats

As a defense-oriented Temtem, Crystle can hold its spot on the battlefield very well, soaking up damage and giving other Temtem time to shine. It specializes in buffing its own already impressive DEF and SP DEF stats. Some of its strongest moves benefit from high priority, helping make up for its middling SPD stat. It synergizes well with Wind types – of which there are many early on – deal increased damage with Crystal Dust.


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