Best Decks in Gwent – May 2020 Meta

I’ll long be an advocate of CD Projekt RED’s standalone card game Gwent. Though it’s not among the most popular online collectible card games, it’s certainly up there in quality. Having a smaller player pool does make it more difficult to know what the meta is at any given moment. The decks you see on the ladder largely depend on what rank you are so the decks you see might not actually be all that great. That’s why we’ve decided to highlight some of the best decks in the current meta. You’ll find one of each faction except Monsters because they aren’t in a great place at the moment.

Hidden Cache Syndicate

Even with the latest round of nerfs, Hidden Cache Syndicate is still incredibly strong. The ability no longer provides three Coins per round, but two, and also only makes all Hoards two Coins cheaper. Because of this, a lot of decks have had to add some additional coin generation just to make the deck a bit more consistent.

The meat of this deck are the dangerous Passiflora Peaches and Saul de Navarette which boost themselves every turn depending on your Hoard size. Just remember to play Madame Luiza and Savolla together for the free frightener!

Here’s an example deck to follow. And another version if you have lots of gold cards.

Uprising Northern Realms

Northern Realms is in a surprisingly good place thanks to a few key cards. The Uprising ability gives the class access to some extra boosts and an all too important Lyrian Scytheman which boosts itself by one for each boosted ally. Combine that with Caravan Vanguard, a card which you can cheat out multiple times for a huge board, and this deck can get out on hand quickly. There’s even Draug which turns all of those vanguards into Kaedwani Revenants that can do even more damage.

Example deck.

Masquerade Nilfgaard

Scenarios can be super annoying if you have no way to deal with them. They’ve become prevalent enough that many players are teching in Dimeritium Bombs or Bomb Heavers. Masquerade Nilfgaard plans for this by being able to play Masquerade Ball twice in one game. After you’ve played it once, Assire var Anahid is able to shuffle it back into your deck. Because of this there’s a very high priority on playing the Scenario in the first round. The example deck also has a ton of Nilfgaard’s strong poison and spying cards which will always be a pain to deal with.

Example deck.

Harmony Scoia’tael

Scoit’tael can be really annoying especially with Water of Brokilon. It’s honestly hard to run this deck without it, so make sure you craft it. As the guide we’re linking says, this deck can compete during all three rounds if needed and has Gabor Zigrin to stick around should you need to pass Round 2. Use Portal in Round 1 with a bunch of bronze cards and save the special gold cards for Round 3.

Example deck.

Greatsword Skellige

Surely you’ve played against this deck at some point. It specializes in dealing small pings to lots of enemy units and buffing An Craite Greatsword as a result. You’ll always have to be careful about going last, however, as that’s a huge advantage. Otherwise your opponent can answer a buffed Greatsword with a Geralt card.

Example deck.


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