Battlefront 2 Star Card Guide – Best Enforcer, Infiltrator & Aerial Star Cards

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 boasts an impressive roster of unique and familiar characters from all three film eras. Some of the coolest are tied to the Enforcer, Infiltrator, and Aerial reinforcement classes. Available in matches via spending between 1,000-2,000 Battle Points, these are the hardest hitting non-heroes in the game. Similar to the core four classes, players can unlock Star Cards that will give these units passive bonuses. While there are only a few Star Cards, it’s still important to pick the best ones for these reinforcement units.

Unlike the core classes, you cannot change or add modifications to their weapons. The only alterations you can make are to their appearance and Star Cards, the latter of which is the only thing that affects your performance in-game.

Best Enforcer Star Cards

  • Star Card 1: Enforcer Training
  • Star Card 2: Battle Hardened
  • Star Card 3: Expert Weapons Handling

Enforcers are hard-hitting, tanky units that will typically draw all the attention on them in a hectic battle. Because of this, we are running the Enforcer Training card to give you a way to regain health so you can take on multiple foes. Battle Hardened gives your Enforcer a 20% health boost, allowing you to soak more damage. Finally, Expert Weapons Handling offers a staggering 66% time extension for all Enforcer’s middle ability. Since the majority of Enforcers have high damage middle abilities, this Star Card is an absolute must.

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Best Infiltrator Star Cards

  • Star Card 1: Acquisition
  • Star Card 2: Evasion
  • Star Card 3: Desperation

My personal favorite reinforcement, the Infiltrator is all about intelligence gathering and using flexible skills to take our priority targets. Acquisition is far and away the best Star Card for this class, as it marks any targets that hit you with a glowing red pulse over their head. This makes the Infiltrator great for challenging snipers or pushing objectives since they can see where they’ve been shot from.

Evasion is another great Star Card since it gives you an additional dodge change and a faster recharge time. Given Infiltrators are all about dipping in and out of cover, Evasion ensures you will almost always have your dodge so you can win 1v1 fights. Finally, we are selecting Desperation, simply as a way to reduce your ability recharge times since you are going to be shot at by enemies anyway.

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Best Aerial Star Cards

  • Star Card 1: Acquisition
  • Star Card 2: Battle Hardened
  • Star Card 3: Survivalist

The mobile of the three reinforcements, Aerial troopers are all about hit and run attacks. Because of this classes high mobility, they don’t have a ton of health so we will be focusing on increasing your survivability. Our first card is Batte Hardened which increases your maximum health while Survivalist revolves around regenerating your health faster.

This is perfect for the Aerial troopers since they can kill an enemy and quickly reposition to regain any lost health. Finally, we are adding Evasion to this build, just to give us even more defensive options when you’re in an engagement.


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