Battlefield 5 Recon Class Guide – Weapons, Gadgets, Combat Roles

Longtime fans of the Battlefield series are undoubtedly familiar with exactly what a white glint on the horizon means: incoming sniper fire. The Recon class is back in Battlefield V and has a bunch of new weapons, gadgets, and the all-new combat roles. Today, we’ll take a look at what the Battlefield 5 Recon class has to offer so you can better decide if this is the role for you.

Primary Weapons

Bolt Action Rifles

These are your usual one-shot rifles that are synonymous with the era.

  • Gewehr M95/30 – This rifle’s origins date back to the late 19th century and saw heavy use in World War 1 by the Austro-Hungarian Army.
  • Krag-Jörgensen – A rifle dating back to the late 19th century, with a special type of integral magazine which loaded from the side rather than the top.
  • Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk l – Very fast firing sniper rifle. Its bullet is significantly slower than that of the Kar98k, making it preferable for medium range.
  • Kar98k – The most common bolt-action rifle in the German army.

Self-Loading Rifles

The class also has access to the small clip rifles from World War I.

  • Model 8 – Created in 1900. US hunters and some police units would use it, but it was never formally adopted by the US Army.
  • ZH-29 – A hard-hitting self-loading rifle that can kill with only two hits.
  • RSC – By repurposing parts from the Lebel rifle it was designed to replace, the RSC was cheaper to produce for the French army, though there were complaints that it was unwieldy in the trenches.


Spotting Scope

The Spotting Scope gives Recon players another way to mark enemies for their team. If this behaves how it did in past Battlefield games, it’ll show the entire outline of enemies and not just put a marker above their heads.

Bouncing Betty Bomb

Call of Duty fans are probably very familiar with Bouncing Bettys, the anti-personnel trip mines. They make a return in Battlefield V giving you the means to protect your flank while you snipe.

Combat Roles

Combat Roles are all-new to Battlefield in this year’s installment. Each class is launching with two with more being unlocked over time through the Tides of War feature.

Your selection comes with two traits that other Combat Roles don’t have.


Sniper is the default combat role for Recon players. It’s built to support the assumed style of play for the class. Not only can you steady your aim while you look down the sights for a longer time, but if you land a headshot kill your duration will partially replenish. Chain kills to keep yourself ready to fire at a moments notice!


  • Steady Hands: Steady your rifle when aiming down sights for a longer duration.
  • Expert Marksman: Your steady duration is partially replenished with each headshot kill.


Unlike Sniper, Pathfinder has to be unlocked through gameplay. It also has a drastically different style of play, promoting the ability to get behind enemy lines and stay there, helping your team get a positional advantage on the enemy.


  • Advance Scouting: You can spawn on friendly Squad Leaders and Spawn Beacons from outside your own squad.
  • Vanguard: You gain additional Requisition Points when someone spawns on your Spawn Beacon.

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