Battlefield 2042 Vehicles Guide – How to Call in & Use Vehicles

Battlefield 2042 is finally here and it’s time to bring the explosive action this franchise has long defined. Set in the not-so-distant future, players can battle it out across massive maps that are being battered by superstorms. But all of that is set dressing — what really matters is the intense squad-based multiplayer experience draped in absolute chaos.

Unsurprisingly, there are a ton of vehicles in Battlefield 2042 you can use to wage war. These rolling death machines can help determine the tide of battle, and they can even be called almost anywhere. Here’s a guide on how to call them in.

How to Call in Vehicles

In order to call in vehicles, simply press both the left and right bumper buttons if you are using a controller or the B key for those using a mouse and keyboard. This will bring up the Call-in Tablet, which you can use to summon a vehicle. Keep in mind: there is a set amount of each vehicle your team is allowed to deploy at any time. Because of that, some may be unavailable when you bring up the tablet.

Once you select a vehicle, you’ll see a blue circle appear on your HUD if you are able to deploy it. If the circle comes up red, then you are unable to place the vehicle drop point in that area. After summoning your vehicle, it will airdrop to your position, so wait a few seconds for it to arrive.

Crucially, you are going to be vulnerable during this time and can be killed by enemies. They can even swipe your ride if you’re not careful! So, if you are summoning heavy armor like a tank, make sure to do it away from a heavily contested area. This will ensure you can grab your vehicle without being gunned down. If your vehicle is destroyed, you will get a cooldown period where you cannot summon that same item. This is more or less to prevent the same people from being the only ones using tanks.

However, not every vehicle can be summoned via the Call-in Tablet. Aircraft like helicopters or jets cannot be instantly summoned to your position. Instead, these will spawn back at your main base just like in traditional Battlefield games. Either wait in the deploy screen for them to appear and then highlight them so you can spawn into this vehicle, or simply hang around the spawn for them. This will make getting the helicopter a little tricky since you need to nab it before another teammate does. Finally, not every vehicle is available right away; some will require you to hit a specific level to be unlocked.

Battlefield™ 2042

How to Unlock Vehicle Upgrades

Similar to weapon attachments and Specialist skins, you will earn new pieces for your vehicles by getting kills with them. Assists and Vehicles Destroyed will also count towards your progress, so don’t worry about you being the one to deal the final blow. I suggest focusing on upgrading tanks, anti-air vehicles, and helicopters first since these can have the most dramatic impact on combat. Sure, the LATV4 Recon is a solid truck that can quickly reposition your squad, but it’s also remarkably vulnerable. Tanks are absolutely the best vehicles to focus on first.


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