Battlefield 2042 Revive Guide – How to Revive & Heal Teammates

Battlefield 2042 is finally here and it’s time to bring the explosive action this franchise has long defined. Set in the not-so-distant future, players can battle it out across massive maps that are being battered by superstorms. But all of that is set dressing — what really matters is the intense squad-based multiplayer experience draped in absolute chaos.

Just like in other entries, players can revive their fallen teammates in battle to not only deny the enemy progress towards defeating your team but also allow team members to get right back into the fight. However, reviving in Battlefield 2042 can be a bit confusing — especially for those who haven’t played some of the most recent entries.

How to Revive Teammates

When it comes to reviving teammates, unless you are playing the Specialists Maria Falck or Angel, you will only be able to revive the other three players in your squad. For those playing either Maria or Angel, you can revive anyone on your team regardless of whether they’re in your squad or not. When someone is killed, you will see a circle appear over their corpse with a heartbeat line. Approach them and press X (Xbox)/Square (PlayStation) to pull out your defibrillator unit. A white circle will appear over their body. When it’s filled, that soldier will be revived where they perished.

Remember, if you aren’t Angel or Maria you can only revive those in your squad who will be colored lime green. If you are Angel or Maria, you can pick up those that aren’t in your squad who will be marked with blue revive symbols when they die. For those playing Maria, when you revive someone they will come back to life with full health, which can make a huge difference in a chaotic battle. Alternatively, reviving as Angel will give someone armor instead of full health. These are the only two Specialists who can revive those not in their squad — so if you want to play a medic, these are the people to use.

Battlefield 2042

I strongly recommend Maria over Angel since her S21 Syrette Pistol can heal teammates at range, allowing her to effectively keep her allies in the fight. She can also rack up a comical amount of experience by just playing medic and picking up her fallen friends in battle. If you aren’t playing as Maria, the only other way to heal is to use the Medical Crate. This gadget can be used in any loadout and with any class regardless of what mode you are playing. Throwing it on the ground will create a small radius that heals any ally inside.

The other method is to simply take cover and wait for your automatic health regeneration to kick in. This is the less ideal scenario since it takes a few seconds to trigger. I recommend dipping out of combat and hiding for a few seconds until you’re back to full health before engaging more enemies.


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