Battlefield 2042 Attachments Guide – How to Equip Weapon Attachments

Battlefield 2042 is finally here and it’s time to bring the explosive action this franchise has long defined. Set in the not-so-distant future, players can battle it out across massive maps that are being battered by superstorms. But all of that is set dressing — what really matters is the intense squad-based multiplayer experience draped in absolute chaos.

Unsurprisingly, along with the roster of weapons, there are a ton of attachments you can throw on your weapons to impact their performance. Where things differ is players can equip these attachments on the fly, allowing for you to adjust to any type of engagement. However, this can be a bit confusing as the game never really explains how these work across all of the modes. Luckily, we’re here to do it for you.

How to Equip Attachments

In order to equip attachments, you need to first go to the main menu. From here, go to “Collection” and then select “Weapons” in the subtab. This will bring up all of the firearms you’ve unlocked, so highlight the one you want to equip attachments to and select “Customize.” From here, you will enter the attachment menu that allows you to adjust the sights, ammo, underbarrel, and barrel. Not every category will be available for each gun and not every attachment fits each firearm. You can only equip a specific amount of attachments per category, which can then be swapped around in-game.

After you have your attachments sorted out, you can now load into a game. Once your digital boots are on the ground, press the Left Bumper (Xbox/PlayStation) or T Key (PC) to bring up the in-game attachments menu. You will see a cross displayed with all of the different items you selected in the Customize menu. Now, either click on which attachments you want on your gun with your mouse or use A, B, X, Y (Xbox) / Circle, Square, Triangle, X (PlayStation) to equip that item to your gun. For a controller, the button’s position corresponds with which section of the attachment cross you are using. For example, if you press Y on an Xbox controller, it will cycle through all the attachments in the top row because the Y button is at the top of the controller’s button layout.

Hazard Zone

When playing Hazard Zone, equipping weapon attachments is a bit different. While you still need to unlock them via playing the game and earning experience, guns are actually purchased in this mode. What this means is that if you decide to use the free weapon, it will come with zero attachments. Paying money will not only unlock the weapon but also give you access to all the attachments you equipped in the Customize menu.

Attachments are not purchased with Dark Market Credits. They always come with the gun you purchased, assuming you equipped attachments to that gun via the Customize tab in the main menu. I recommend picking around four to five firearms for this mode and working on getting the attachments you want for them. This will allow you to adapt to whatever your squad needs or fulfill a specific role during firefights.


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