Back 4 Blood Skins Guide – How to Unlock New Cleaner & Weapon Skins

Dust off your shotgun, pack some pills, and don your favorite zombie-killing attire because Back 4 Blood is finally here. A spiritual sequel to the renowned Left 4 Dead, players with be tasked with fighting off hundreds of infected people known as the Ridden. Your job is to take back the cities from these terrifying foes, which is easier said than done. Evening the odds is a new card system that allows players to craft a deck full of buffs, equipment, and abilities. Unsurprisingly, there are also a ton of cosmetics to unlock that allow you to dress up your favorite Cleaner or weapon. However, cosmetic skins aren’t easily handed out and will often take a bit of work if you want to look fashionable when covered in blood.

How to Unlock Weapon & Cleaner Skins

When it comes to unlocking new skins there are main ways. The first is through the various Supply Lines you’ll unlock as you play. Starting out with only one Supply Line, you will spend Supply Points on each node until the entire reward path is completed. Doing this will unlock more Supply Lines, giving you access to additional rewards. Keep in mind, not every Supply Line will offer a character or weapon skin, as their main function is to provide players with new cards. That being said, you can get some clothing pieces such as Hoffman’s jeans or the Homeland Glock skin.

All of these cost Supply Points, which are earned by completing chapters throughout Back 4 Blood. The higher the difficulty you play on the more Supply Points you earn, allowing you to quickly complete Supply Lines. This is the basic rewards loop of Back 4 Blood and it will take some time to fully complete every Supply Line. Because of this, don’t expect to earn a bunch of skins right away.

The other method for earning cosmetics is by completing various in-game challenges. Called “Accomplishments,” these are various challenges that players can complete such as getting a number of kills with a certain weapon archetype or finding a hidden item in a specific level. Many of these reward cosmetic items, but for the best outfits you better prepare to spend a lot of time playing Back 4 Blood. There is a full outfit available for each Cleaner, but you’ll need to play 250 missions with that person. So if you want the Murder In The Dark skin for Evangelo is prepared to grind out a lot of campaign missions. As for the ZWAT skins, they require beating every mission in the game on a specific character on the Nightmare difficulty.

There are also some digital bonuses depending on if you pre-ordered or purchased the Ultimate Edition. The former is just a green weapon camp pack that only slightly changes the appearance of the firearms. It’s a nice addition if you prefer more militaristic skins for your firearms. As for the Ultimate Edition, purchasing this $100 version will net you the Battle Hardened character pack for Mom, Walker, Holy, and Evangelo skins. Remember, skins have zero impact on gameplay performance so don’t worry if you don’t unlock any outfits for your character. These are just nice additional cosmetics to hunt for you as you play.