Awakened Weapons & Dracolite – MHW Safi’Jiva Weapons Guide

Awakened Weapons have come to MHW: Iceborne, thanks to the Safi’Jiva Siege. These special items (outlined by the surprise Iceborne Developer Diary 4.5) work quite differently than most gear in the game. Although you might recognize some of the ideas as being lifted from one feature or another. On the whole, MHW Awakened Weapons seem like an incredibly powerful, very fun new option for players… assuming you get them in time. We’ve got details on where to get them and how to upgrade them in our handy MHW Awakened Weapons guide for Iceborne!

How to Get Awakened Weapons – MHW Safi’Jiva Guide

This unique gear is only found in one place: the Safi’Jiva event. This the “Xeno’Jiva mature form” and the second Siege mission in MHW — following in the golden footsteps of Kulve Taroth.

And much like Kulve Taroth, Safi’Jiva drops randomized loot as Siege rewards. These are the all-important Awakened Weapons (plus the Dracolite you need to upgrade them). Unlike Kulve Taroth, however, the gear does not have random stats based on rarity. Every single Awakened Weapon comes with identical stats as the next. Every Hammer will do the same damage, have the same Affinity, sport the same sharpness, and so on as every other Awakened Hammer. Plus you are guaranteed at least one weapon of whatever type you use to slay Safi’Jiva in the first place! That should make looking for just the right piece of gear a lot easier.

The only feature of Awakened Weapons that is randomized at first is their element or status. While each weapon of a given type will deal the same amount of status or elemental damage, depending on the type, it’s random which damage type you’ll get in the first place. And every single weapon can drop with every single damage type. If you specifically want a Poison Greatsword, for instance, you might still have to work to get it.

You also get to choose from more drops than you’re actually allowed to take. You might get 12 different weapons at the end of the run. However, you will still have to choose just a few of those (two or three selections seems to be the most common) to appraise and keep.

Dracolite, Awakened Level, & Store Potential – MHW Safi’Jiva Guide

Along with Awakened Weapons in MHW comes a new resource: Dracolite. Players will probably notice these function a lot like Armor Spheres, which upgrade your armor, but for weapons. They come in four different flavors that we know of so far:

  • Dracolite Shard: Adds one point toward your next Awakened Level.
  • Dracolite: Adds five points toward your next Awakened Level.
  • Large Dracolite: Adds 20 points toward your next Awakened Level.
  • Rigid Dracolite: Adds 50 points toward your next Awakened Level.

Dracolite is earned by completing the Safi’Jiva Siege, or by trading in unwanted Awakened Weapons to the Elder Melder. To start, you need eight points per level of your Awakened Weapon. Although this number increases along with your Awakened Level.

Using Dracolite, you build up towards an overall level on your Awakened Weapon, just like with armor. Except the benefit of each level is very different. Instead of a flat stat boost, each Awakened Level randomly rolls three perks for you to choose from. These can include things like bonus Affinity, more damage, and even points toward armor set bonuses (similar to the ones Lunastra weapons offered in base MHW). So you might be able to equip Agitator Secret, the Brachydios armor set bonus, as a skill on your weapon — opening up exciting new build opportunities.

Crucially, this does not give you the entire armor skill itself. It gives you one point in the skill. For example, if you get a weapon with Teostra Technique, you still need to wear two pieces of Teostra Armor to get the set bonus. Whereas it normally takes three pieces of Teostra armor.

The more basic skills can also be upgraded from Level 1 to Level 5. If you equip bonus elemental damage, for instance, you can roll for the perk again and again to raise it to Level 5. There’s even a “secret” Level 6 bonus for some Awakened Weapon abilities! Although you can only have one Level 6 skill at a time. The same goes for armor set bonuses built into the weapons. You can only have one of these unique skills per Awakened Weapon.

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Another downside is that you can only equip up to five of these perks at a given time. The upside is that you can also roll them back and change them out at any time. You just need more Dracolite to keep rolling for new abilities. You get a little bit of Dracolite just for “repelling” Safi’Jiva for the first time, after the Master Rank 24 Special Assignment “Across the Lost Path.”

But what if you don’t like any of the abilities you got from increasing your Awakened Level? Not to worry! You can choose “Store Potential” instead of taking any of the three randomly generated perks. Each perk also comes with a rarity level. Choosing to Store Potential will increase the odds of obtaining even rarer skills any time you raise you Awakened Level — pushing you ever closer to those elusive Level 6 upgrades.

You ca also gain more potential for free. You just need to take an Awakened Weapon with you against Safi’Jiva! Doing so will fill up your potential at the end of a given Siege mission.

That’s basically all there is to it! You just have to complete the Safi’Jiva Siege in MHW, farm it for Awakened Weapons and Dracolite, and continue leveling until you get the exact build you want. The only catch is that Safi’Jiva isn’t around forever. The adult Xeno’Jiva is a limited-time event in the vein of Kulve Taroth and “The Fury of El Dorado.” The first Siege began on Dec. 13, 2019 and runs for a little bit more than four weeks — until Jan. 5, 2020. Be sure to get in while the getting is good! Capcom has confirmed the event will return in the future (just like Kulve Taroth has done many times before), but there’s no telling when that might be.