Apex Legends Wattson Class Guide – Abilities, Tips, & Strengths

Apex Legends has finally revealed information about its 10th playable character. Her name is Wattson, and she definitely seems different from most of her friends. She appears to be a defensive character, focused on creating laser grids and blocking offensive skills. She has some very interesting passive bonuses, too. So you’ll definitely want to learn her intricacies. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and created this guide to Wattson in Apex Legends. Let’s get started!

Wattson, Static Defender

Natalie “Wattson” Paquette is an important figure in the lore of Apex Legends. She’s a genius who helped design the Apex Games arena — as well as its surrounding ring of death — alongside her father. Sadly, her father passed and left her behind. Wattson eventually found a new family in the form of the Apex Legends themselves. Respawn Entertainment has described her relationship with the other players as being like a “kid sister.”

Now she fights to protect her friends — with a more defensive moveset keeping the carnage in check. We also know that she has some connection to “The Syndicate.” Though Respawn hasn’t given much information about what this shadowy group could be. The developer did promise the beginning of more Apex Legends lore in the days to come, starting with Wattson and her ties to the Frontier.

Wattson Moveset in Apex Legends

Wattson is first and foremost a defensive character. Her main ability does direct damage to enemies, unlike the majority of Apex Legends heroes, but the results are stationary. So you must guide Wattson, her allies, and their enemies into the places you would like to fight.

Passive Ability: Spark of Genius – Unlike all other Apex Legends characters, Wattson gets a full charge from the Ultimate Accelerant item. Now you don’t have to feed every one you find to your team’s friendly Lifeline! In addition, Wattson can speed up her Tactical Ability recharge by standing next to the pylons she spawns.

Tactical Ability: Perimeter Security – This is the bread and butter of the Wattson arsenal. She can create up to 12 metal pylons that interconnect with electrical beams — in any configuration. Enemies that walk through these fences won’t just take damage. They will also become slowed and ping Wattson with their location. Finally, Wattson can stand next to her ultimate pylons to… charge her normal pylons even faster! Just remember: Allies will disable the field if they walk through it!

Apex Legends Wattson Guide Tips

Wattson Ultimate: Interception Pylon – Apex Legends

Wattson really makes a splash with her ultimate ability. This skill, called Interception Pylon, creates up to three “super pylons” that intercept enemy ordnance. Grenades, Arc Stars, and aerial bombardments all get nixed within the field of effect. If that weren’t enough, there’s also a defensive bonus. Interception Pylon will recharge allied shields if you stand close enough to one of the spikes.

Wattson Strength & Weaknesses – Apex Legends

Strengths: We don’t know a ton about Wattson just yet. She isn’t in Apex Legends, after all! But we can take some guesses about her effectiveness. For one, she’s only the second character that can heal allies (after Lifeline). Combined with her Ultimate Accelerant bonus, this seems to make her a prime candidate as second choice for support players.

Weaknesses: Wattson can only heal shields when her ultimate ability is charged. That’s bound to be much less frequent than Lifeline and her healing drone. In addition, Wattson will likely suffer from the same issues as other defensive characters. Apex Legends is a fast, highly mobile game. Abilities that stay in one place aren’t super useful when you have to move!

Other Tips When Using Wattson – Apex Legends

Maybe don’t play with Lifeline! There’s a minor meme that implies only Lifeline ever gets Ultimate Accelerant. That’s because her ultimate ability calls in a supply drop with incredibly useful items. Since Wattson only heals shields when her ultimate is fully charged, you might want to keep the two separated. Put a more offensive pair of characters on your team instead.

Pay attention to pings. Pings have always been an incredibly important part of Apex Legends. That’s doubly true with Wattson. Her pylons will alert you when enemies dare to pass through her electric fences. Make sure you play aggressive, looking for foes that give this a shot. They will be damaged and slowed, albeit temporarily, giving you a short window where you have the advantage.

Wattson is a team player. Lifeline feels like a good support class for playing with groups of random players — where you need to react to a lack of communication. Wattson, on the other hand, might be better when you have friends that can communicate. Her fences need to be placed in areas your allies don’t want to move through.