Apex Legends Volt SMG Guide – Where to Find, Stats, & Ammo

The new season fo Apex Legends is live, which means there’s a new character to play, map changes, and a whole bunch of buffs and nerfs. However, one of the biggest additions is the Volt SMG, which is an Energy weapon that absolutely shreds through enemies at close range. Given how popular this archetype is, we expect the Volt SMG to make big waves during Season 6. However, it’s critical to understand this weapon’s limitations and what you can expect from this submachine gun.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Volt SMG before you drop into World’s Edge.

Where to Find the Volt SMG?

Thankfully, the Volt SMG is not a crate weapon, so you can find it anywhere throughout Apex Legends’ maps. So keep an eye out for this gun when you are looting.

Volt SMG Attachments & Stats

The Volt SMG can take four different attachments, all of which are quite good on this weapon. While the main two you will want to hunt for are the extended magazine and barrel stabilizer, the other attachments are still quite helpful. Keep in mind, there are no Hop-Ups or select fire options for the Volt, so don’t expect to do anything but engage enemies at close-range with this gun. Here’s a quick breakdown of every weapon attachment you can get for the Volt SMG:

  • Barrel Stabilizer (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4)
  • Extended Energy Mag (Base Ammo – 19)
    • Extended Energy Mag Level 1 – Magazine Increased to 21
    • Extended Energy Mag Level 2 – Magazine Increased to 23
    • Extended Energy Mag Level 3 – Magazine Increased to 26
  • Optic 
  • Standard Stock (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3)

As for damage, the Volt SMG does 16 damage to the body and 24 damage to the head per bullet. This gun hits remarkably hard, as it deals a total of 304 if you land every shot. Your damage number will obviously increase if you use any of the extended magazine attachments. Capable of quickly shredding through a Level 3 shield with ease, the Volt SMG should be a go-to choice if you want to fight at point-blank range. Remember, the R-99 is now a supply crate weapon, so this is really the only option for a rapid-fire submachine gun. That being said, I still recommend the Prowler if you can find the Select Reciever Hop-Up

There is no damage drop off for this gun, so expect to hit just as hard at 10 and 100 meters. I estimate the Volt SMGs’ effective range is between 0-20 meters, as the kick for the gun is pretty noticeable beyond that. Speaking of kick, the Volt SMG’s recoil pattern is vertical and tracks a bit to the left. This makes it pretty easy to control by just holding down when you are firing. Obviously, this will improve if you slap on a barrel stabilizer, which could boost its effective range a couple extra meters. It also takes 1.9 seconds to reload the weapon from a completely empty magazine.

The Volt SMG has roughly a 1.25 TTK (time to kill) on a Level 3 armored opponent. Again, this assumes all your hits are in the body and you land every single bullet. For actually using the Volt SMG, I recommend pairing it with a weapon like the G7 Scout, Hemlock, or Flatline. This is a superb weapon for ambushing unsuspecting opponents or quickly cracking someone’s shield. Because of the nearly 2 second reload time, I recommend using this to break and weaken a foe before swapping to finish someone off. You should have little trouble slaying any legend you come across so long as you can control the noticeable recoil.


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