Apex Legends Seer Guide – How to Unlock Seer in Season 10

Apex Legends Season 10 is set to shake things up in a big way. Not only will be getting major map changes to World’s Edge, but this season will also introduce a new weapon, Ranked Arenas, and various balance changes adjustments to key weapons and characters. Of course, the biggest selling point is the new legend, Seer, who is all about tracking and disrupting foes during a fight. If you’re looking to pick up this hero when the new season launches tomorrow, here’s how to unlock him along with what Seer’s abilities are.

How to Unlock Seer

The only way to unlock Seer is by spending either 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins. You can earn the Legend Tokens by leveling up your core account (not your Battle Pass), while the Apex Coins must be purchased with real-world money. You will need to spend at least $10 to purchase Seer since you cannot just buy the exact amount needed to unlock him. There is no other way to gains access to Seer, so if you don’t want to shell out some cash, then get ready to grind some levels. How long this takes will vary based on your level, as those just starting out will have a much easier time accruing Legend Tokens than those at or above Level 100.

Apex Legends Unlock Seer

Seer’s Abilities

Seer is a recon legend, meaning he specializes in locating and relaying key information to his team. Seer’s passive is Heart Seeker, which allows Seer to see and hear an enemy’s heartbeat. This passive has a 75-meter range and it’s activated by aiming down the sights of any weapon. You will see a reticle appear that showcases where an opponent’s heartbeat is coming from via pulsing yellow triangles. Seer can also trigger this passive by aiming without a weapon in his hand.

As for his Tactical, Seer can send out a column of micro-drones in front of him. These drones pierce through walls and will reveal and interrupt any enemy legend that comes into contact with them. Any action a legend is doing, whether it’s healing, in the middle of casting an ability, or reviving, will be stopped if they are tagged by Seer’s drones. This makes Seer especially deadly in team fights, as he can help secure kills or stop other players from healing after they’ve taken a lot of damage. However, Respawn did confirm to us during an interview that this skill has a 1.5 second cast time and is on a 30-second cooldown. Meaning, you won’t be just spamming this ability during a fight and players can dodge it if they see it coming.

Finally, Seer’s ultimate is called Exhibit and has this legend create a massive cage of micro-drones. Any enemy moving quickly inside of the dome will have their footsteps and position reveal to Seer’s entire team. The catch is, if your opponents do not move or walk very slowly they won’t be revealed. However, in a game all about movement, being able to deny your foes is rather huge. Additionally, this ability can be destroyed via Crypto’s EMP or by destroying the heart cage Seer throws out.


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