Apex Legends Treasure Pack Guide – How to Get Treasure Packs

Apex Legends’ Season 5 has finally arrived and it’s introducing a number of changes to its battle royale mode. Along with the new legend Loba, the King’s Canyon map is receiving multiple alterations such as the destruction of Skull Town and a new underground base. Respawn Entertainment also created a new Battle Pass, but the most intriguing addition is Quests. These are a new PvE activity where players will scour the map in search of clues while being attacked by vicious beasts. However, to unlock this activity you will need to find Treasure Packs, which are a new interactable item that can be found in the battle royale mode.

How to Get Treasure Packs

Treasure Packs are small cases that will randomly appear when you open up a loot container. Available once per day, Apex Legends actively limits how many you can get per Daily Reset.  When they do appear, they will drop out and do not take up a loot slot in the container. You’ll know you found a Treasure Pack because it will be highlighted red and drop to your feet. These packs can only be found in Duos, Trios, and Ranked, so you will need to actually play the battle royale mode to make progress towards this quest.

Apex Legends Treasure Packs

Once you pick up a Treasure Pack it will make progress towards your quest. This item does not take up an inventory slot and dying will not cause you to lose progress. Additionally, you do not need to win, just picking up the Treasure Pack is enough to make progress towards this quest step. Keep in mind, if someone on your team grabs the Treasure Pack it will only count towards their progress. Thankfully, packs will keep spawning until you pick up one for the day, so don’t worry about having it stolen.

How to Unlock Hunts

Once you get five Treasure Packs you will unlock the first Hunt, which is a PVE activity that has players searching for an artifact in King’s Canyon at night. Playable either alone or with others, you will earn special rewards for completing this activity. These quests will be available throughout the entire season, so don’t worry about missing any. You will need a total of 45 Treasure Packs to unlock all of the Hunt activities, so be prepared to play a lot of Apex Legends if you want the new gear.

The difficulty of these PVE Hunts is unknown, so we recommend venturing out with a squad of three. Even if your teammates haven’t collected all the Hunts you can still play them, but those users who don’t have the requisite Treasure Packs won’t earn loot. Make sure to check back with us in four days when the first Hunt is available for everyone to see what it’s all about!


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