Apex Legends Tier List Guide – Best Legends to Use in Season 5

Apex Legends Season 5 has arrived, so it’s time to look through the growing roster to determine who is the best of the best. With the new map changes the introduction of the master thief Loba, there were a fair amount of changes made in the new update. Multiple heroes received buffs and nerfs, with one getting an entire ability rework. This has shaken up the meta a little bit and could lead to some interesting competitive matches down the road. That means it’s time to look at all the characters and see where they fit in our tier list.

When evaluating each legend, we looked at their adaptability, general abilities, how they synergize with other legends, and what they bring to a game. Keep in mind, you can climb the Ranked ladder with any of these legends, just know that some will have an easier time than others. Just because your favorite legend is not at the top doesn’t mean you should stop using them. We’re simply evaluating them as they currently stand in the Season 5 meta, and their performance in higher Ranked/Competitive matches.

(Author’s Note: This is not a best to worst list, so just because someone is at the bottom doesn’t mean they’re the worst character in the game.)

Tier One

Tier One legends are currently the best in the game. Their abilities are either extremely flexible or offer an insane amount of utility to their team. Frequently used in professional play, Tier One characters can be found all throughout Ranked. If you aren’t playing as one of these legends, expect to come against them and practice dealing with their various abilities.

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Everyone’s favorite “try hard” legend, Wraith has been popular with professional players, streamers, and competitive individuals since the game released. Boasting the smallest hitbox in the game, Wraith can be difficult to pin down in a hectic battle. Into the Void acts as a great way to disengage from losing fights, giving you a chance to heal up before returning to battle. It’s also supremely useful when shifting from one piece of cover to another or if you want to be cheeky by rotating in the damage circle to sneak up behind people.

Dimensional Rift is just another solid team mobility skill that lets you take risky fights or retreat if a firefight isn’t going your way. Her Voices from the Void also acts as a nice intelligence-gathering method, even if it is a little limited. Wraith has consistently been a top pick for a very, very good reason. Her synergistic abilities and small hitbox makes her quite tricky to take down. Plus, none of her abilities were buffed or nerfed, so she’s just as good as she was in Season 4.


Apex Legends’ resident friendly robot, Pathfinder has proven himself to be one of the most annoying legends to try and escape. His Grappling Hook not only allows him to quickly gain a height advantage on his foes but also rapidly shift to a new location in the middle of a battle. I get that a 35-second cooldown seems like a huge blow, but I promise you, it’s actually not that bad. All this means is that you cannot get insanely aggressive and have to be a little more selective about when and where you grapple. Good Pathfinder players have mastered this ability, allowing them to soar through the air or catch any foe attempting to escape. He can also provide a zipline so your team can rotate to a new, more secure location.

Finally, Pathfinder’s passive lets him interact with beacons to determine where the next ring is. At face value, this may sound unimpressive, but providing your team with that knowledge allows you to make safer rotations. This legend has some of, if not the, best mobility skills in the entire game. Despite getting slapped with a hefty nerf to his Grappling Hook’s cooldown, his sheer utility cannot be overlooked. Pathfinder gives players everything they and their team need to claim victory.

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This may surprise some players who don’t watch the pro scene or have reached higher ranks, but Wattson is insanely strong. She has the best arena denial skills in the entire game thanks to fence pylons which can turn any indoor or confined location into an electric fortress. Not only do they slow down enemies that pass through, but you’ll be pinged when they are triggered. Great as an early warning system or deterrent for opponents, Wattson is the master at dictating the flow of combat.

Enhancing this is her ultimate, the Interception Pylon, which destroys all projectiles such as artillery bombardments or grenades. In a game where grenade spam is a viable strategy, Wattson can safely protect her team from incoming damage, allowing them to focus on shooting from behind cover. Finally, her passive allows her to get her ultimate back by just using an ultimate Accelerant which is just bonkers. A good Wattson will typically have 2-3 on hand, allowing them to deploy this ultimate in any fight.


You just can’t put Gibraltar down. Since the game’s release, this hero has been hit with buff after buff turning him into an absolute monster. Despite having back-to-back nerfs to his Gun Shield’s health and Dome Shield’s duration, Gibraltar is still one of the most versatile and difficult heroes to 1v1. This big boy can soak a lot of damage, especially if you aren’t landing consistent headshots. His Dome Shield not only offers protection from all incoming damage sources, but it allows Gibraltar to pick up downed teammates faster. You can even use healing items faster when in the shield, making it perfect for recovering during a fight.

Gibraltar’s ultimate has high damage potential but is mainly used to either cut off an enemy advancement or force them out into the open. The best support legend in the game, a good Gibraltar is the backbone of any strong trio. Just make sure to pair him with characters like Octane or Pathfinder so he has avenues to reposition since he lacks any movement abilities.

Tier Two

This is where a lot of the Apex Legends roster ends up. They’re still solid choices, but there’s something that’s holding them back from reaching the top spot. Picking these heroes won’t put you at any real disadvantage, but you might need to work for your kills a bit more. It’s more than possible that with the right buff or nerf one of these heroes could rocket to the top of the tier list.


Mirage is very good right now, which feels weird to even say given he was the worst legend in the game less than a week ago. Finally getting the rework he so desperately needed, Mirage can now take control of his clone, turn both himself and a downed teammate invisible when picking them up, use the respawn beacon while invisible, and he has a completely different ultimate.

This trickster is a powerhouse that can easily fool his opponents multiple times during an engagement. Being able to vanish when picking someone up is pretty wild, especially if you break line of sight before you and your ally are cloaked. Where this hero may trip people up is the high skill cap to actually play, manage, and correctly deceive targets. While tossing out your clone works now, players will soon catch on to how this legend works. However, I firmly believe that if Solos returns, Mirage will be one of the best choices for this mode thanks to how annoying it can be to fight him and his duplicates.


Apex Legends’ weapons expert, Bangalore is a legend that works best when a team builds around her. This is mainly because her Tactical Ability can blind both enemies and her teammates. Sure, this is great for pushing teams or escaping, but it can also hamper your squad if used incorrectly. Bangalore’s passive gives her a nice speed boost when being shot at and her ultimate is great for displacing enemies or forcing them from cover. Everything about Bangalore is generally solid, but there’s nothing exceptional about her kit. She is a very middle-of-the-road, balanced legend which is honestly what all the others should aspire to be.


Bloodhound has always been a strong pick, even before they got a few buffs to Eye of the Allfather. A recon legend, this hunter is great at locating on the move targets and quickly evaluating threats before or during an engagement. The sheer range of Eye of the Allfather is pretty wild, as it can encompass nearly an entire Point of Interest with one activation. It’s a solid ability that got a whopping 10 seconds off its cooldown, allowing Bloodhound users to be a bit more liberal with their scans.

Where Bloodhound falters is their ultimate, which feels far more situational and reliant on specific team compositions. It’s not that Beast of the Hunt isn’t powerful, as a skilled Bloodhound player can easily bring down an enemy or two in this mode. This ultimate is solely reliant on the skill of the Bloodhound player, providing very little support for the team. It’s even worse if you have no way to flank a foe or use the increased speed to your advantage.

apex legends revenant choke


I may be alone on this choice, but I truly think Revenant is a strong legend that gets overlooked way too much. Thanks to some recent buffs, Revenant can now use two charges of his Silence which allows him to shut down a lot of the more agile, ability-reliant characters. Once you get used to the projectile speed and arc, Revenant can disable virtually anyone in the middle of a fight. His passive is solid, especially if you want to surprise any enemies or quickly flank a foe in a building.

What’s keeping him from Tier One is his lack of burst mobility to escape ambushes and the Death Totem ultimate. The range of this ultimate is a little too short and unless you want to get supremely aggressive, it’s difficult to make substantial progress in a fight while in shadow form. Nothing feels worse than almost killing someone, only to be warped back to the totem so both you and the enemy can heal. Unless you really coordinate with your team, Death Totem just ends up elongating a fight rather than giving one side a definitive edge.

Tier Three

The final tier on our list, Tier Three is full of legends that are just fine, but nothing spectacular. You can certainly still use these characters, but don’t expect them to make a splash in more competitive circles. Typically, characters in this category need a buff or a rework to a major aspect of their kit.


Lifeline’s biggest problem is that Gibraltar exists.

Even though all of her healing abilities are useful, they are simply outclassed or awkward to use. In a game where mobility is key, having to stop and wait for a drone to slowly heal you removes any initiative you have during a fight. Sure, D.O.C. is great for recovering after a fight or when you escape the circle, but its very short range can make you an easy target. Plus, Lifeline’s ultimate has basically been usurped by Loba, who gives players a much wider range of gear and it’s more useful at the end of a match.

Thankfully, her passives make up for some of these problems — especially that 25% faster use of healing items. She can also find extra gear in special blue loot containers, which helps her find better gear for her team. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to really make Lifeline a meta pick. Hopefully we will see a rework of her kit soon, because she has desperately needed one for months.

Apex Legends


One of the gas man’s biggest issues has finally been resolved. When in Caustic’s Gas, allies will not suffer any movement penalties which makes this defense hero far less of a liability. While you may have trouble seeing, this makes Caustic’s gas much better for either disengaging or pushing targets. His arena denial is still solid, even if Caustic’s traps can be easily destroyed. Thankfully, they no longer trigger through doors, so you can be a bit more strategic with how you use them.

Unfortunately, his passive ability is essentially useless if there’s no one in your gas. This makes him very, very reliant on his Tactical Ability triggering and people being distracted enough to wade into the toxic fumes. While the 15% damage reduction is nice, I wish Caustic wasn’t so dependent on catching foes by surprise to truly be effective.

Apex Legends Octane Guide TipsApex Legends Octane Guide Tips


The adrenaline junkie of Apex Legends, Octane revolves around using his mobility to chase down enemies, escape fights, pick up banners, or quickly flank foes. Thanks to a recent buff, his LaunchPad now has a 60-second cooldown, which is fine I guess? Octane’s biggest problem is other heroes simply have better, more versatile movement options than him. Being able to give yourself a speed boost is great, but when characters like Wraith, Pathfinder, and now Loba can quickly move across the battlefield with minimal risk, he quickly becomes outclassed.

Octane’s passive is also extremely underwhelming. Having health regeneration is neat, but this is more a convenience than a skill that truly gives Octane any kind of distinct advantage. Thankfully, there are more changes coming to Octane in the future, so he may be rising through the ranks very soon.

Apex Legends Loba Abilities Tips


Apex Legends’ newest hero, our initial reaction to Loba is she is good, but not great. Her passive ability makes her good for quickly looting, but it doesn’t really synergize with any other legends or her own abilities. The Black Market Boutique ultimate is really cool even though you’re only limited to two items per person and it can be used by enemies if left alone. It may be too early to truly judge where Loba will land, so we are going to keep her in Tier Three for now and move this legend up if she proves to truly impact the meta.

As it stands, the only reason to really play Loba is due to her teleporter, which gives her a great mobility tool. Debatably one of the best in the game, this Jump Drive lets her reposition herself quite quickly so she can gain an advantage in a fight. Just remember, you have to wait 1.5 seconds after you teleport to use any weapons, items, or abilities.

apex legends crypto


As a Crypto main, it hurts me to put him in Tier Three. This surveillance specialist has unparalleled reconnaissance potential thanks to his drone. Capable of marking targets and even determining how many squads are in a 200-meter radius of the drone, Crypto is perfect for planning a fight before it begins. Yet, this drone is a double-edged sword, as Crypto is completely defenseless and static while controlling his drone. This is a pretty big liability since you may need to move the drone during a fight. It doesn’t help that Crypto’s ultimate can be completely denied if his drone is destroyed before the EMP triggers.


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