Apex Legends Tier List Guide – Best Legends to Use in Season 8 (April 2021)

Apex Legends Season 8 is live, so it’s time to look through the growing roster to determine who is the best of the best. With new changes to the King’s Canyon map, the introduction of Fuse, and multiple character changes, Apex Legends is in one of its most intriguing legend metas since release That means it’s time to look at all the characters and see where they fit in our tier list.

When evaluating each legend, we looked at their adaptability, general abilities, how they synergize with other legends, and what they bring to a game. Keep in mind, you can climb the Ranked ladder with any of these legends, just know that some will have an easier time than others. Just because your favorite legend is not at the top doesn’t mean you should stop using them. We’re simply evaluating them as they currently stand in the Season 8 meta, and their performance Ranked matches. I won’t be heavily considering high-level competitive play, as that’s an entirely different beast.

S Tier


Replacing Wraith, Horizon has quickly grown in popularity since her release in November. Perhaps the most versatile legend in the entire game, Horizon is seeing play on all levels of the competitive ladder. Much of this is thanks to her sheer utility, as all three of her abilities allow skilled Horizon players to effortlessly switch from offensive to defensive play.

Her Tactical Ability is the Gravity Lift which throws down a device that launches anyone high up into the air, allowing them to hover or reach higher ground. This gives her a major advantage in combat since she can quickly overtake an opponent’s position or reposition her team to the high ground. Players will also have 100% accuracy on the Gravity Lift, making it great for harassing teams or just healing. Combine this with her passive which removes staggering when falling from a high ground and you can quickly turn the tides of a losing fight.

Horizon’s ultimate is Black Hole, which unsurprisingly, creatures a miniature black hole that sucks enemies into the center. Not only does this disorientate foes, but makes them very easy to kill if they lack an escape ability. Players can also use this ultimate as visual cover to heal or to temporarily lock down an area. She is a maddeningly frustrating legend to play against and had the highest win percentage of any character last season.


Bloodhound has always been a strong pick, even before they got a few buffs to Eye of the Allfather and Beast of the Hunt. A recon legend, this hunter is great at locating on the move targets and quickly evaluating threats before or during an engagement. The sheer range of Eye of the Allfather is pretty wild, as it can encompass nearly an entire Point of Interest with one activation. It’s a solid ability that got a whopping 10 seconds off its cooldown, allowing Bloodhound users to be a bit more liberal with their scans.

Beast of the Hunt is perhaps the scariest ultimate in the game, as it’s nearly impossible to escape. Once triggered, not only do they see your previous movements in bright red, but they get multiple activations of Eye of the Allfather. Plus, any kill extends the time limit of Beast of the Hunt, making it even tougher to outrun or outmaneuver in battle. If you want to play a Recon character during Season 8, you cannot go wrong with picking Bloodhound.


You just can’t put Gibraltar down. Since the game’s release, this hero has been hit with both buffs and nerfs in an attempt to balance him. Despite having back-to-back nerfs to his abilities, Gibraltar is still one of the best and difficult heroes to 1v1. This big boy can soak a lot of damage, especially if you aren’t landing consistent headshots. His Dome Shield not only offers protection from all incoming damage sources, but it allows Gibraltar to pick up downed teammates faster. You can even use healing items faster when in the shield, making it perfect for recovering during a fight.

Gibraltar’s ultimate has high damage potential but is mainly used to either cut off an enemy advancement or force them out into the open. This gentle giant is still one of the best “anchor” characters in Apex, giving your squad a place to fall back to if their push fails. Plus, dueling a Gibraltar when they have a Mastiff is one of the most terrifying things in this game.

Apex Legends Octane Guide TipsApex Legends Octane Guide Tips


Alright, alright, I was totally wrong about Octane. Following his recent Launch Pad changes, this high-flying legend has become one of the best mobility characters in the game. Having multiple ways to interact with the Launch Pad makes rotating to new locations, out of fights, or onto the high ground easier than ever. This ultimate’s very low cooldown almost always ensures that teams will have some type of an escape option to help them dip out of chaotic encounters. While you’re still exposed, it’s harder to determine a person’s specific trajectory thanks to these changes. Octane’s Stim still lets him rundown any escaping foe and the passive healing can be really useful, allowing you to cut down on healing items in your inventory. His sheer mobility is insane, allowing a skilled player to dictate the entire flow of a battle.

A Tier

apex legends revenant choke


Revenant is downright terrifying to fight against. Previously a legend that struggled to even stay viable in general play, a series of buffs have skyrocketed this assassin in popularity. Not only can he hold two charges of Silence, (which impacts way more legend abilities now) but his Death Totem no longer has a range limit. This makes Revenant one of the most devastating aggressive characters in Apex Legends. Capable of shutting down a legend from doing anything, Revenant is perfect for isolating targets.

His Death Totem is quite potent now, as it allows you to make riskier and more strategic plays. Even though you still have a time limit, this typically isn’t an issue if you aren’t playing passively. Did I also mention he can climb higher and crouch walks faster than any other character in the game? Yeah, Revenant is very good right now.

Apex Legends Wattson Guide Tips


Boasting some of the best arena denial skills in the entire game, Wattson’s fence pylons can turn any indoor or confined location into an electric fortress. Not only do they slow down enemies that pass through, but you’ll be pinged when they are triggered. Great as an early warning system or deterrent for opponents, Wattson is the master at dictating the flow of combat. These fences are perfect for securing locations or forcing enemies down a specific path. It also helps there’s far less open space in Season 6’s map, which makes it easier to set up defensive locations. Given the amount of narrow passageways in Kings Canyon, Wattson is extremely potent this season – especially since she can hard counter Fuse.

Enhancing this is her ultimate, the Interception Pylon, which destroys all projectiles such as artillery bombardments or grenades. This used to be a comically overpowered ultimate, but Respawn Entertainment added a 90 second time limit to the pylon during the Lost Treasures event. This helped balance Wattson with the other defensive heroes, easing her stranglehold on the meta. Remember, you can get her ultimate back instantly with an Ultimate Accelerant, so always carry 2-3!

Apex Legends Crossplay


Everyone’s favorite “try hard” legend, Wraith has been popular with professional players, streamers, and competitive individuals since the game released. Boasting the smallest hitbox in the game, Wraith can be difficult to pin down in a hectic battle. Despite a complete rework to parts of her kit, Into the Void still acts as a great way to disengage from losing fights, giving you a chance to heal up before returning to battle. It’s also supremely useful when shifting from one piece of cover to another or if you want to be cheeky by rotating in the damage circle to sneak up behind people.

Dimensional Rift is just another solid team mobility skill that lets you take risky fights or retreat if a firefight isn’t going your way. Her Voices from the Void also acts as a nice intelligence-gathering method, even if it is a little limited. That all being said, her hitbox changes, and the introduction of Horizon has dropped this legend from S Tier. She has some strong viability, but often it’s just better to have a Horizon instead.

B Tier


Despite struggling for ages to be relevant, Lifeline has finally become one of the best support legends in the game. This is almost entirely because she can now pick up downed teammates with D.O.C., freeing her up to shoot everyone else. Not only does this create a piece of indestructible cover, but it essentially removes the entire risk of helping someone out in a battle. It’s perhaps the best passive in the game, especially since you can use the shield as cover in battle. D.O.C. also serves as a nice way to heal either during or after a battle. Plus, Lifeline can find extra supplies in blue-colored loot bins which is just a nice bonus.

The one aspect of Lifeline that’s holding her back is the Care Package ultimate. Yes, it’s terrific for the early to mid-game where you need supplies, but her Care Package is pretty useless near the end of the match unless you need to shield swap. You’re really just playing Lifeline for that resurrection shield and that’s totally fine!


Apex Legends’ weapons expert, Bangalore is a legend that works best when a team builds around her. This is mainly because her Tactical Ability can blind both enemies and her teammates. Sure, this is great for pushing teams or escaping, but it can also hamper your squad if used incorrectly. Bangalore’s passive gives her a nice speed boost when being shot at and her ultimate is great for displacing enemies or forcing them from cover. Everything about Bangalore is generally solid, but there’s nothing exceptional about her kit. She is very middle-of-the-road for most players, but Bangalore can be utterly devastating in the right hands. While she won’t see as much play as the legends above, anyone who takes the time to master her kit will be a force of nature.


Apex Legends’ resident friendly robot, Pathfinder has been on the receiving end of a few nerfs lately. In an attempt to make this legend’s sheer mobility less oppressive, Respawn Entertainment has been taking every opportunity to try and tone down this character. While this has knocked him out of competitive play, he is still a very good choice for Ranked or general Apex Legends matches. Yes, you can’t go crazy with the grapple hook anymore, but that doesn’t make it a useless ability. A smart player knows when to utilize this tool to get onto the high ground, chase down a target, or use it to retreat and heal.

His ultimate is still great for rotating your entire team to more advantageous positions or out of a fight. Plus, being able to permanently reduce the cooldown of his Zipline Gun via utilizing his passive is just icing on the cake. Pathfinder is still more than a viable pick so long as you understand that you have to be smarter with the Grappling Hook.

Apex Legends


Well, he couldn’t be S Tier forever. Following a big nerf to his gas’ damage, Caustic is not nearly as potent as he once was. This legend revolves around area denial and obstructing an enemy’s ability to effectively push onto your team’s position. With Caustic’s gas no longer slowing or blinding teammates, he is far more terrifying since he can liberally use his containers to flood an entire location with gas. But it’s more than just a way to damage opponents, as the gas can obscure Caustic allowing him to pick up teammates or just block entrances. He also combos wonderfully with Horizon’s ultimate, allowing coordinated teams to decimate anyone caught in her black hole. Even though Respawn Entertainment has noted this legend may get a nerf, currently, he’s one of the best in the game.

C Tier



Mirage is in a good spot right now, which feels weird to even say given he was the worst legend in the game at one point. Finally getting the rework he so desperately needed, Mirage can now take control of his clone, turn both himself and a downed teammate invisible when picking them up, use the respawn beacon while invisible, and he has a completely different ultimate.

This trickster is a powerhouse that can easily fool his opponents multiple times during an engagement. Being able to vanish when picking someone up is pretty wild, especially if you break line of sight before you and your ally are cloaked. Where this hero may trip people up is the high skill cap to actually play, manage, and correctly deceive targets. While tossing out your clone works now, players will soon catch on to how this legend works. However, I firmly believe that if Solos returns, Mirage will be one of the best choices for this mode thanks to how annoying it can be to fight him and his duplicates.

apex legends crypto


As a Crypto main I do have a bit of bias when it comes to evaluating this legend, but he has become far more useful following the latest buff. Now Crypto’s drone can not only count enemies, but it can use the revive station and access Survey Beacons. This gives you far more utility throughout matches, which makes keeping the drone alive a top priority. Information has always been critical in battle royales and no one is better at gathering it than this legend. All of this was terrific last season where the meta was much slower paced, but Crypto is struggling a bit in Season 8.

See, with an aggressive, ability-heavy meta, Crypto simply cannot thrive. The lack of a real passive that isn’t reliant on his drone hurts him a lot, along with the fact that he has to be static while operating his little buddy. Yes, Crypto is still very dangerous with a coordinated team in high-rank tiers, but he can be a headache to deal with in quickplay or with random players.


So it has been a few weeks since Fuse’s launch and he’s fine. He’s just fine. As much damage as Fuse can inflict on enemies via his grenades and ultimate, the lack of escape options makes him a liability if you don’t have great positioning. This can be a huge detriment with characters like Wraith, Octane, and Horizon capable of running circles around him. His ultimate is also fairly simple to dodge if you hear the whistle of the bomb and it rarely leaves teams without any type of an escape option.

That being said, his passive and the ability just bombard teams with grenades is very good and very frustrating to fight against. It’s a deeply oppressive passive that can be especially deadly once you master the arc of his arm launcher. While I doubt Fuse will be a big player in higher ranks like Platinum and above, he’s still great for casual quickplay matches.

D Tier

Apex Legends Loba Abilities Tips


Loba is a great character on paper, but she hasn’t been terribly useful in most matches. Her passive ability makes her good for quickly looting, but it doesn’t really synergize with any other legends or her own abilities. The Black Market Boutique ultimate is really cool even though you’re only limited to two items per person and it can be used by enemies if left alone. Similar to Lifeline’s ultimate, Loba’s can be pretty situational and lacks a lot of endgame viability if there aren’t a lot of death boxes near you.

As it stands, the only reason to really play Loba is her teleporter, which gives her a great mobility tool. A great movement option, this Jump Drive lets her reposition herself quite quickly so she can gain an advantage in a fight. Just remember, you have to wait 1.5 seconds after you teleport to use any weapons, items, or abilities. That being said, the Jump Drive has a long cast time and is very easy to predict if you’re watching Loba.

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Rampart is one of the most intriguing characters in Apex Legends, as her kit is a mix of defensive and offensive tools. Her Amped Cover is extremely difficult to get rid of once deployed, making it perfect for holding down a position or protecting someone who is healing. However, the Amped Cover has a long cast time and is vulnerable while it’s deploying. Thankfully, the Amped Cover now needs to take 45 damage to explode instead of 1. However, she still lacks any meta defining abilities, escape options, or extremely strong area denial.

Additionally, her minigun is capable of dealing a ton of damage if you can land your shots or keep someone pinned behind cover. But the minigun can be a bit awkward to use since a lot of legends are extremely mobile. This allows them to duck behind cover before they are knocked down or killed by Rampart’s ultimate. Finally, her passive is good but is only effective if you manage to find a Spitfire or Devotion. Otherwise, this passive is pretty much useless except when you use the minigun.


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