Apex Legends Season 9 Teaser Guide – Keycard, Holospray, & Phone Location

Apex Legends Season 9 is slated to release in early May and rumors have been swirling around about where this battle royale game’s story is going. With Season 8 focusing on Maggie’s war against new character Fuse, many wondered what was next for this franchise. Throughout the game’s lifespan, several characters have been teased and outright shown without becoming playable. One of those characters is Ash, who first made an appearance during Season 5’s story events. Now appearing once again, players can access an in-game teaser via the Firing Range to get a special message from this simulacrum.

How to Access the Season 9 Teaser

1. Get a Keycard

You can access the Season 9 teaser by visiting the Firing Range with a keycard. To get a keycard, you will need to open up a care package in a regular or ranked game of Apex Legends. Doing so will give you a chance to earn a keycard, which is used to decrypt the password at the control console. Remember, you will be fighting over the package with every other team, so keep an eye out for them when you’re exploring. This may take more than one game, so consider picking a character like Octane since he can quickly get to these supply drops faster than others. The keycard will not replace regular loot, but will instead fall out like a Treasure Pack.

2. Play the Phone Message

Once you have a keycard, go back to the lobby but don’t start a game. Instead, interact with the phone in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will play a message and invite you to find three holo-sprays on King’s Canyon and Olympus. Keep in mind there is a holo-spray at nearly every named Point of Interest on these maps, so I will only be highlighting the three I visited.

3.  Olympus Holo-spray Locations

Orbital Cannon Holo-spray

You can find this holo-spray along the outer ring near the back of this Point of Interest. Be very careful approaching it, as you can easily slip and fall to your death. I recommend going for this one after you’ve cleared out any opponents hanging around.

Rift Holo-spray

The next holo-spray is on the roof of a building in Rift. When you arrive at this POI, take the zipline up to the raised area and climb onto the far right structure’s roof. You should see the holo-spray near the edge.

Estates Holo-spray

Your final holo-spray is located in Estates’ middle structure. Upon your arrival, head towards the massive building in the center and climb all the way to the top. Inside the top home, you’ll find the last holo-spray nestled in the corner by the shower.

4. King’s Canyon Holo-sprays

Bunker Holo-spray

The Bunker holo-spray is located outside of this massive structure on the River Center side. When you emerge from Bunker’s doors, turn left and climb up towards the small raised area. You’ll see the glowing holo-spray hidden behind one of the conductors.

Crash Site Holo-spray

This one is super easy to locate. Just make your way to the top of Crash Site and go to the side where there is no explosive hold. The hologram will be resting on a container near a forklift and some loot.

Cage Holo-spray

You may need to risk your life for this one since Cage is a pretty hot area right now. When you arrive, climb to the very top and look towards one of the support beams along the corners of the cage. The final holo-spray will be sitting on the beam.

5. Go to the Firing Range

Apex Legends Season 9 Teaser

Once you have a keycard, head back to the Firing Range from the main menu. Behind the first row of targets, you’ll see a large landing pad (shown above) that was added in with Season 8. Approach the landing pad and interact with the green switch to call a dropship to you. If done correctly, the screen will go red and you’ll hear the ship fly towards your position. This will eventually drop you off in a new location where you can ride a large elevator up to the next floor. I recommend turning up the sound, as you will have a hologram of Ash speak to you about the future of the games.

Keep in mind this step is not live yet. When you approach the control panel you’ll be told to wait three more days until it unlocks.

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Apex Legends War Games Event Details

For the unfamiliar, the War Games event will feature five different game modes which rotate every few days. Just like previous events, these modes will replace the normal Apex Legends playlist mode. The first one is Second Chance which gives every player a second life, allowing them to redeploy upon death with all of their gear. Also if you think you’ll be cheeky and use this to earn the 20 Kill Badge, it will be disabled during this mode. Next up is Ultra Zones which consists of multiple hot zones, while Auto Banners gives a player’s teammates their Respawn Banners instantly upon death.

Finally, we have Killing Time which reduces the ring’s closing time whenever someone dies, and Armor Regen which has players’ shields recharge whenever they’re out of combat. These modes will run until April 27 when the event ends. Until then, you will be able to earn all the rewards shown on the tracker above. As for the skins, these will be sold in the store for Apex Coins, so be prepared to shell out some cash if you want them.


Collin MacGregor

Collin MacGregor is the Guide Staff Writer at Fanbyte. He's also the person who willingly plays the support class (you're welcome) and continues to hold out for an Ape Escape remake.

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    1. Im not sure if you can keep interacting with more, but the challenges tied to the teaser require you to scan three on both Kings Canyon and Olympus. You won’t make any progress towards the teaser if you only scan holosprays in just one map. It has to be three from both.

        1. You’ll earn the Impress Me badge for any legend to wear and the final chapter of the seasonal comic

  1. In the firing range it says it unlocks in 2 days 20 hours, done all the steps but not able to activate panel

    1. Yeah I think there’s one in almost every POI on both maps. The Turbine one is a little awkward to get to though since its so high up

    1. Once you have the keycard from the care package, you approach them and interact with the sprays. You need three from both Kings Canyon and Olympus. This will complete a challenge and let you view the teaser in the Firing Range.

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