Apex Legends Season 13 Rank Changes – Demoting, Entry Costs, & More

Competitive Chaos

The next season of Apex Legends is just around the corner, which means there’s a bunch of new content on the horizon. Along with the usual map changes, various buffs/nerfs, and a new legend, developer Respawn Entertainment is also making big changes to the game’s Ranked mode. One of the most popular modes in the entire game, Ranked has struggled to find a balance between kills, placement, and working with your team. Seeking to make things a bit more competitive, Respawn has completely overhauled almost every aspect of Ranked. So if you missed the big news, here’s everything you need to know about the new Ranked season.

Season 13 Ranked Changes

RP Changes

RP (Ranked Points) is getting an overhaul for how players will earn them. The first is that if someone on your team kills an enemy you will also get RP for that kill. Now that amount of RP you get is 50% less than if you either killed or got an assist on that kill. However, this is a terrific way to still reward players who contribute to a fight but don’t participate in slaying every single person on an enemy squad. Additionally, the assist timer has been increased from 10 to 15 seconds giving you a greater window to get direct credit for helping with a kill. Respawn is also making it that if a player is revived and immediately downed, the person who originally knocked that enemy will still get credit for taking down this foe.

Kill RP will also be adjusted, with both placement factoring into how much RP you get for those kills. Essentially, this system is designed to punish players who hit a high placement without any kills or those who slay some foes but die very early in the match. You can see how this is distributed in the chart above which is from the latest Apex Legends blog post. Respawn is also removing the Kill RP cap, but you will earn a little less for each person you kill or get an assist on. This means you won’t need to worry about hitting the “KP” limit during a match and can focus on actually performing to the best of your ability.

Rank Demotion

Another highly requested feature, rank demotion is coming to Apex Legends. While players could drop through the different ranks within a tier, users could never fall out of a tier unless it was an Apex Predator dropping to Masters. Now you will be able to drop out of a tier down to 50% of the next tier’s rank. Meaning if you’re in Platinum IV you can drop as low as 50% of Gold I. You cannot keep falling beyond that, but this is designed to ensure that players can still be punished if their reach a new Ranked tier. Thankfully, players will get a 100 RP boost whenever they hit a new rank tier.

New Ranked Tier

Along with these changes, Respawn is also adding a new Ranked tier called Rookie. Previously, players did not have to pay an RP entry fee when they were in Bronze. This feature has been shifted down to Rookie, making it the lowest tier in the entire Ranked playlist. You cannot lose RP in the Rookie tier or be placed into it when a new Ranked Split begins.

Entry Costs

Finally, the last major component of the Ranked changes is how entry fees will work. Typically, each tier had a static entry fee that didn’t change as you moved up through the four different levels in that specific tier. This is changing in Season 13, with the RP entry fee increasing with each level within a tier. This includes Bronze, which typically didn’t have any RP entry fee associated with it. Players will be paying more RP as they progress farther through the ranks, meaning it will be slightly tougher to climb up into the higher ranks like Diamond or even Platinum for some.

All of these Ranked changes will go live when Season 13 launches on May 10th.