Apex Legends Revenant Class Guide – Abilities, Tips, & Strengths

Another Apex Legends season means a new character to try out, and for Season 4 we get the Synthetic Nightmare, Revenant. Revenant is an offensive character, meant to decimate enemy squads before they even knew what hits them. Learn how best to take advantage of this new Legend with our own Apex Legends Revenant guide!

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Revenant, Synthetic Nightmare

Revenant was once one of the greatest assassins around. So great, in fact, that Hammond Robotics did not want to waste the man’s potential, and turned him into a simulacrum, meant to follow orders and carry out hits.

Eventually, Revenant’s programming failed, and he awoke from the daze he was in to find himself no longer a man. He swore vengeance on Hammond Robotics and traveled to the Outlands to kill everyone associated with them.

Revenant Moveset in Apex Legends

Revenant is an extremely aggressive character—if you’re not constantly putting pressure on enemies and vying for kills, you’re not playing him right. Revenant’s skills are designed for him to be able to kill more efficiently, and using them to your advantage will make you a heavy hitter on your squad.

Passive Ability: Stalker – Stalker gives Revenant a duo of movement-based benefits: the ability to crouch walk faster and the ability to climb higher walls than other Legends. Revenant’s crouch walk is the speed as every other Legend’s normal walk, so it’s very beneficial to be crouching as much as possible to make yourself harder to hit. Climbing higher walls are great for getting the jump on some unexpecting opponents, too.

Tactical Ability: Silence Silence is an interesting ability that offers something no other Legend has. This grenade only does a small amount of damage, but it silences anyone it hits for ten seconds, locking their skills. Locking skills, especially Ultimates, at the right time might be the difference between who wins and loses.

apex legends revenant choke

Revenant Ultimate: Death Totem – Apex Legends

With Death Totem, Revenant and his squad can cheat death itself. Death Totem places a totem on the field, as expected from the name, and squad members that touch this totem will have the ability to cheat death for a limited time. If they’re shot dead during while the totem’s effects are active, they’ll instantly be resurrected at the totem, albeit with only a small amount of health. In the right player’s hands, this Ultimate is one of the best in Apex Legends right now.

Revenant Strength & Weaknesses – Apex Legends

Strengths: Revenant is a fast and aggressive Legend, built to get the drop on enemies and wracking up kills. Battle royale titles tend to favor aggression over being defensive, so Revenant does well in most squads. His abilities also make him really good at sneaking around, getting the drop on unsuspecting or pre-occupied enemies.

Weaknesses: Revenant has Low Profile, which means that when he IS spotted, he takes more damage than other Legends. Also, Revenant’s Tactical ability, while it can be useful, ultimately ignores the fact that most skirmishes in Apex Legends are just straight shootouts. While locking an Ultimate at the right time can turn the tides, Silence won’t make a difference when you’re eating lead.

Other Tips When Using Revenant – Apex Legends

Understand Death Totem’s limitations. The Ultimate can save you from death once, but it can’t help you if an opponent has found you out. If the Death Totem is out in the open, an enemy can camp at the totem, wait for your squad to resurrect, then pick them off in their weakened state. Additionally, the Death Totem doesn’t have unlimited range, so if you leave its area of effect, you won’t have the benefit of resurrection.

Crouch as much as possible. Crouching deafens your footsteps, and makes you a smaller target. Since Revenant has the same walking speed when crouching when just walking normally, there is no reason to have him standing upright unless you’re sprinting.

Know when to retreat. As Revenant, you’re meant to play very aggressively, but it’s important to know when it’s better to disengage and run away. If your Death Totem is found and camped on, for example, it’s oftentimes better to get out of the range of the totem completely! Also, Revenant’s crouch walking speed and climbing distance helps to sneak away just as much as it does to sneak up on people. Knowing when you need to wait for backup is an important skill for an assassin.


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