Apex Legends Queen of Hearts Skin – How to Unlock This Wraith Skin

Legends from all around the world, it’s time to prove your worth in the ring. Dubbed “Fight Night,” the new Apex Legends event revolves around punching your foes to death inside a massive boxing arena for high tier loot. Unfortunately, there are no new Wraith skins tied to this event, but thankfully, Respawn has released one that players can obtain if they have an Amazon Prime account.

Dubbed the “Queen of Hearts,” this skin looks like something ripped out of Alice in Wonderland, with the legend dawning various card suites throughout her outfit. Set at Rare, this is easily one of the coolest blue skins available for Wraith. While I don’t expect all you sweaty Wraith mains to swap off your legendary skin of choice, it’s definitely a nice one to add to your collection.

How to Unlock Queen of Hearts

To unlock the Queen of Hearts skin, you will need to link your Twitch Prime account to your EA account. This can only be obtained if you have Twitch Prime, so if this is a service you don’t use then you cannot get this outfit. Assuming you have a Twitch Prime account, go to the Prime Gaming page and then click the picture of Wraith under “In-Game Loot and More.” Doing so will ask you to link your accounts, so use the EA Origins profile that your game is linked to. If you’re on Steam this will be the one tied to your Origin account when you initially logged in. Once you’ve linked those accounts, the Queen of Hearts skin will instantly be added to your collection. Again, this is the only way to obtain this skin and you’ll only have a couple of weeks to grab this one so make sure to pick it up!

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For the unfamiliar, Apex Legends currently has a new event going on called Fight Night. Revolving around Pathfinder, this event introduces a bunch of new cosmetics, Gibraltar’s heirloom weapon, a new point of interest on Olympus, and special weapon loadout supply drops. The latter is definitely the most dramatic edition as random clusters of supply drops will appear throughout the map offering fully kitted weapons and loot at specific rarities. So if you see a bunch of purple care packages you’ll know they only contain Epic items while gold ones will offer legendary gear.

As for the new location, players can find this area, called “The Ring,” near Carrier. This large stadium features a massive boxing ring in the center that disables all weapons and throwable objects. Players are forced to fight with only their fists if they want to claim all the loot inside the ring. It’s a chaotic location that has some nice elevation and gear if you don’t feel like practicing your fisticuffs against your opponents.


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